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Profile - Shelly - International Mixtape Project
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About Me

Music obsessed and always up for a side trade.


Favorite Songs

too many to list....

Favorite Artists

hooverphonic, lamb, massive attack, bjork, portishead, phantogram, the xx, beck, le tigre, pj harvey, jack white, afghan whigs, warpaint, marvin gaye, nina simone

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

the xx, depeche mode


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Hey Shelly, Sent your July mix a lil late, but you should receive it soon. Sorry.


Great mix, Shelly! Thanks!


Hello there, your mixtape is done and shall be sent shortly. Sorry about the lateness


Hi Shelly, another winner. Thanks and you have a great new year too.


Hi Shelly, Another winner, thank-you very much. Steve


Hey Shelly, hello! Looking forward to sharing a mix with you. Have a look at my mixes and see if there's anything that interests you. Or you may be thinking of something completely different. Let me know your thoughts. Danny dannymac7@talk21.com


Hey! Big thanks for my November mix. Officially the best mix I have received in 2012 - I love it! Cheers!


Shelly, I am totally loving the October mix! It's so awesome. I am currently obsessed with "Dreamers," "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards," and "Default," but especially Dreamers and especially all of it. Thanks so much!


I have to say, your September mix to me is the best mix I've ever rec'd. I'm honestly shocked at myself how much I've been listening to that Nothing Compares 2 U cover!!


Hey, didya get that thing I sent you?

Hi Shelly! Sorry I am only getting back to you right now, I have had a very hectic summer (roadtrips, camping, new job etc). I am very pleased that you were excited about your (belated) mix, I put a lot of love into it. Unfortunately I created the cassette using vinyl lp's. I don't currently have a setup to convert my records to a digital format. The good news is that you can go to any thrift stroe and pick up a walkman for 2 bucks (or splurge 6 dollars on a mini boombox and you will be the coolest kid in town). Anyway, I know you will find a context to listen to it sometime in the future, I hope that it is not too much of inconvenience. If you want to do a CD side trade int he future I have a lot of fun world dance music and kooky indie electro. If you are interested just send me a comment, I still have your address. Best wishes, Zach.

Dear Shelly- I am sorry to inform you that your June mixer (moi) is a horrible procrastinator and an terrible human being. I just express shipped your package today. I started your mix on vacation on the coast and came back to a week of stupid work, work, work. Anyway, I put my heart into it, I hope you like. Please excuse the extra days of lateness- I hope the effort is obvious in the final result. Happy Summer, Zach


Hi ShellThank you so much for the mix.Cool stuff!Trish


January mix is in the mail. Sorry for lateness, I kept forgetting to buy a padded envelope.


you'll need these http://www.last.fm/user/mudtoy or twitter @ajdunleavy


i'm glad you liked the mix, that's the first feedback i've gotten in 7 months! which problably means the other 6 don't dig the same kind of music as us.. ah well.. such is life... happy to do a side trade, i've got your address... add me on twitter or last.fm and i'll pm you mine... cheers a.j.


So glad you've been enjoying your April mix! I had a lot of fun compiling it!


I've been lazy and sent the same mix to March, April & (you) May... but upon reviewing your music tastes I think you'll like it best, let me know what you think.... Check out my 8tracks at www.8tracks.com/mudtoy


hi, your May mix has gone into the post today


Dear Shelly Like to I like side trades.Im in the creatives stage of a new mix.Your may drop me an email for my adress trishmull77@comcast.net to get inside my head check out my website www.djtrishm.blogspot.net I look forward to hearing from you Trish

The Dark Pig

I'm glad you liked it.


Glad you liked Clapper's Delight! And the "LP" cds, I just found at Staples.


lordy, that was the original on i sent out (which i'm sure i sent before xmas). snail mail is no exaggeration. i guess the xmas theme is a bit past it now - hope it's not too annoyingly gimmicky


hi shelly, sorry your dec mix never arrived (pesky little post gremlins). i'll send another one out for you soon. nellie


Your December mix arrived, thankyou


Hi Shelley. your Jan mix went in the post today (10th) from London. hope you like it - let me know. cheers *martin


Hi Shelly - Just wanted to say thanks - I just got a chance to listen to the mix you sent last month and it's great. A lot of new stuff I hadn't heard and well put together. -Bill


Hello Shelly! Just got your mix. It's on replay number two. It is freaking awesome. I'm being made dinner. It smells burnt but i'm too busy enjoying your mix and what seems like damn good glass of red. but i think it might just be the music. thank you! I will be requesting side swaps if you keep up at this standard! g.


Hey Shelley, I've had the mix you sent me in April in my car so it's been getting lots of play this summer and I'm really loving it. My favourites keep changing the more I listen. Great mix! Thanks again!


Shelly: As I've said, I got your latest mix and it was very, very good. One of the best I've had in a while. Thanks again.


Hi Shelly. I'm a terrible person. Your February mix was mailed today. I included the January mix with it in some attempt to make up for my tardiness. Please forgive me.


Hi Shelly: Sorry for my slow response. Did get your mix and loved it! Take care & Happy Listening! Mike


Hey Shelly - I finished your mix last week and have been trying to print off the artwork at my work but it's not working properly. I'll be all unpacke din my new house in a coupel of weeks, but to stave off the 3 months of anticipation here is a link for you to download it now if you want it. I will send you the cd version as soon as I can. http://www.sendspace.com/file/kfx8xc.


Hi Shelly. Your September mix is nearly ready! I didn't expect to take this long, even by my standards of delays this is terrible. I hope the wait will be worth it. mxbx


Sorry Shelly~ what a daft comment*Your mix is here safe and sound*Thank you so much*A full report to follow.Keep mixing*


Hello Shelly* I look forward to receiving it*Stay cool*Jon*


thank you for being merciful. I hope you like it when you get it. MxBx


Hey Shelly. I'm your September sender and I am late. Sorry sorry! I am in the middle of moving house/renovating/selling - loads of work, stuff everywhere. hectic times. I know what I'm making you though, it has been work-in-progress for a while and it will be a bit special, for me especially, but hopefully it will work out well for you too. More from me soonish....you will get it eventually, I promise. MxBx


i await with anticipating quivering joy...


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