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Raw fish

About Me

Im loooking for some new music to add to my collection. I would prefer tapes ( i just bought a tape player from a garage sale I want to try out ) but c.ds are fine too.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Beirut Destroyer Bon Iver Racheals Errand Boy Belle and Sebastian

Favorite Albums

Human Highway - Moody motorcycle Antony Jonson - I am a bird now B. Fleishman - the humbucking coil Belle and Sebastien - tiger milk

Ill add more later

Recent Concerts

Dirty projectors Do make say think w/ happiness project Beirut Julie Doiron Stars Metric Destroyer w/ Frog eyes Islands Wolf Parade Erics trip w/ Listening party


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When I was king/ Show your bones

We are all children, wanting to be king of the mountain


It's a Halloween mix, as you would expect for October but not your traditional mix. The mix only includes songs that are 6 minutes long.

Fall Haiku

Albums, Bands and Song's that remind me of fall. Pretty basic


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1/31: Hey, I just finished your CD but cannot get it in the mail until Tuesday. I spent some time the hospital this month which provided me a theme for the CD. -James


Hey Thea! I'm sorry your December mix is late - it should be arriving this January.


sorry i never responded when you asked if i'd gotten your mix yet. i liked it a lot and even used some things out of it when i made two mixes out of things i'd gotten from other peoples' mixes.


Hi Thea-- Sorry your October mix is running so late. I'm sending it out today, so hopefully you'll get it soon! Hope you like it.