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Chris Z

About Me

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything.

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Thanks for the Nov 13 mix :) You cheeky monkey, no tracklist! It's ok I knew most of the bands. Not sure if was the Pretenders? and Sebadoh?


Hi there Chris! Your september mix is on the way, maybe it'll take a couple of weeks from Italy, hope you enjoy it. Let me know! Tony


Hi Chris, thanks for the August mix, much of which took me back to my 20s. Been digging out my vinyl as a result. Cheers, Gary


Great June Mix Chris. It's pretty much the sound of my summer. Thanks. Steve


Mix received. Thanks Chris.


Thanks again for the mix. It's great!


What a lovely surprise to come home from work and find a parcel with "Sender: Chris Z" written on the front! Great stuff, thanks very much.


Hi Chris, your Feb disc left Sydney today(6th Feb).


Hi Chris. Thought I'd just drop you a note to say thanks for your mix. It's a stomper.


Side trade sounds like a deal. There's an e-mail on its way to you now.


2/26: Just sent the Feb CD in a slightly Unabomberish looking package. Hope it makes it there. - James


I got the January mix- thanks! How funny that you got my name this month. When I saw the return address, I was like, Hmm, I know this gentleman.


Hi Chris, Just want to offer apologies for extreme lateness! Just getting your Nov mix in the mail this wk (Dec). Didn't forget about you, my procrastination just got the better of me last month. Coming from Canada so might be another two weeks till you get it.


Hi Chris - I am ahead of the game this month! Your August mix is on it's way! - Shelly


Thanks so much for sending me a mix in return- it was an unexpected surprise. It had lots of favorites.


Hi Chris, it's March 30 and I just put your March mix in the mail. Sorry for the procrastination, but you should get it within the week. Thanks, Andrea


Sorry I haven't gotten you your Feb '10 mix, yet. My computer has been nutzo and I'm probably going to have to get a new one. I hope to send it to you soon. Please don't fret & I am so sorry!