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About Me

This is the part of my profile where I don't try to spruce things up by using the "[ ]" symbols. I'm just talkin'. You're just reading. No listing, just gettin' to know me. You know.... readin'....

I just recently moved into Seattle from a suburb. I'm loving it. The past month or so I've familiarized myself more with Seattle history and also the local music scene. Also, I am totally digging living four blocks from Puget Sound and nothing gives me a calmer feeling than sitting on my porch, smoking a cigarette, and feeling the breeze coming in off the water.

I've always been drawn to music. My favorite possession when I was six was my silly little clock-radio that only picked up one station because when I was six we lived in the middle of nowhere, eastern Washington. And I loved that radio station. I knew every single word to every single song on that lame "Adult Contemporary" station and would proudly boast about the house my favorite Madonna song... "OOPS! I didn't know we couldn't talk about SEX!" One time I realized I said this directly in front of my mother, at which point I began to close the door when I had my radio on.

My music education went on from there to include a vast variety of musix. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to almost anything, so send any musix my way. I do have some musicians I despise, but I don't want to let you know who they are cuz I don't want you to be afraid of limitations on your mixtape. Do whatcha want. It's your mix.

Favorite Songs

["Biscuit" - Portishead] ["Daddy's Car" - Jamie Lidell] ["Bada Bing" - Danger Doom] ["Empire State of Mind" - Jay-Z] ["Just A Thought" - Gnarls Barkley] ["No Quarter" - Led Zeppelin] ["Stereo" - John Legend] ["New Sacred Cow" - Kenna] ["Tea Leaf Dancers" - Flying Lotus] ["Stroker Ace" - Lovage] ["Latin Simone" - Gorillaz] ["Hell Yes" - Beck] [Possibly, Maybe" - Bjork] ["Go!" - Common] ["Madness" - Deltron3030] [Daydreamin'" - Lupe Fiasco] ["Eyes & Ears" - Ohmega Watts] ["Amsterdam" - Peter Bjorn and John] ["Life in a Glasshouse" - Radiohead] ["Shove It" - Santogold] ["6 Underground" - Sneaker Pimps] ["Black Swan" - Thom Yorke] ["Good Friday" - Why?]

Favorite Artists

[A Perfect Circle] [Aphex Twin] [Beck] [Bjork] [Danger Doom] [Danger Mouse] [DOOM] [Deltron3030] [Depeche Mode] [Fiona Apple] [Flying Lotus] [Gnarls Barkley] [Gorillaz] [Jamie Lidell] [Kanye West] [Kenna] [Lamb] [Lovage] [Madvillain] [Massive Attack] [Missy Elliot] [Nine Inch Nails] [Peter Bjorn and John] [Portishead] [Radiohead] [Santogold] [Sneaker Pimps] [The Blow] [The Postal Service] [The Streets] [Thom Yorke] [Timbaland] [Weezer] [Why?]

Favorite Albums

[Portishead - Dummy] [Portishead - Portishead] [Beck - Guero] [Madvillain - Madvillainy] [Thom Yorke - The Eraser] [Santogold - I Believe in Santogold] [Gorillaz- Demon Days] [Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X] [Radiohead - Amnesiac] [Why? - Alopecia]

Recent Concerts

[October 13, 2009] [WHY?-THE VERA PROJECT, SEATTLE, WA] [Rating - OK. I wish I would have caught them a year ago while they were still promoting "Alopecia." It's a far superior album compared to their new "Eskimo Snow." Though I was pleased to sing along to a few Alopecia songs, and it's always good to hear a unique musical style, not to mention a pretty unique voice, live. Gotta love hearing someone bust some rhymes white-boy style over some piano and guitar. Good times were had by me, my best friend, and all of the scene kids that smelled like pomade and Lucky Strikes.]


My Musical Education

2009-11-04 22:01:50


Two-Oh-Sickness!: A Seattle Cruisin' Mix

Half local hip-hop, a quarter good hip- hop, and a quarter guilty pleasure mainstream hip hop. Good for cruisin'. POSSE UP!

Ground: Fort Worth

Music I listened to when I lived in Texas and missed Washington

You Rock, Rock!

A mix of new and old rock


A mix to listen to to get over whatshisface, while crushing on cuteboy, but still trying to forget whatshisface, but really wanting cuteboy.

Beth's Cafe

IMP Mix January 2010! Music you'd hear in the jukebox at Beth's Cafe in Seattle.


I put on my snatchin' myttns and snatched these songs for my friend Zach. Mostly electronica... Which is what WE LOVE!


Gotta rock sometime...

Mix for Mia

Made this for my friend Mia! Oldies (50's-70's), stuff I listen to to put me in a good mood. Works every time.


Mix made for Gaetan! It's a sandwich because it starts off with a Madvillain song, and ends in a Madvillain song. Also, I thought these songs would be awesome to listen to while eatin' a good ol' PB&J.

November IMP Mix

Made for Trish! Electronica with jazz influence/piano/strings/horns.


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Trista: What's your last name again and do you still live in Renton?


Okay, I should obviously look before I type. You sent me your address on the comments section before. Is it still current?


Hey, Hey!!! Wanna do another side trade? Is so, I'll need you to send me your mailing address again as I've lost it it in my office somewhere. You can send it to me at or via the IMP comments section.


Hi Trista ... both my June and July mixers have let me down, so I am suffering serious IMP withdrawl! The only thing to save me is a side-trade. Interested?


Hey so I finally read my comments. You wrote that you clicked the button too quickly and that you hadn't yet received my mixtape (from December or January.) Did ya ever get it? Assuming yes since Ryan didn't track me down.


Oh Trista, how I do apologize for being so late with the March mixes I have for you. I'm putting them in the post right now. To make up for my lameness I've sent you a March mix and a bonus mix disc about a little town in the high desert. Take care. Enjoy.


Side trade, perhaps?


I'll tell you what; give me a bit of time and I'll try to remember some of the songs that I ought to have included in that mix and send you the improved version. I don't actually come by this site too often, so do me a favour and email me at and that way I'll remember to actually do this...


HI Trista: Thanks for the mix review! Would love to swap mixes. Let me know if you're still interested. My emai: Take care and Happy Listening! Mike




Trista: Listening to your mix at work right now. And, despite myself, humming along to; "Smooth Criminal". And then I realized it's a Jacko song( even if its being covered by AAF).Closed my office door, lest anyone else hears it. I would get a lot of flak from one co-worker in particular if she heard that.


Hey, Hey. Just got the cd. Haven't listened to it yet. But that's quite the mix. Metallica and Duke Ellington. Skinny Puppy and Missy Elliot. Your "J" friends cover quite the spectrum. Thanks a lot. You should be getting yours shortly.


No worries. I'm sure it will be good.


Beth Cafe It grooves,it Moves!It makes you wanna Dance!2 thumbs up!DJ Trish


Oh thank god, I'm not alone!


Haven't got it yet, but should soon I expect. And I was a little late getting yours out, but you should also get it shortly.


Hi Trista I got your Mix Yesterday and plan to listen to it over a hot cup of tea after dinner.Thank you!Trish


Everyone is very important.


Trista: I read your musical education blog and it was very good. You're quite a good writer. Everyone needs a Mr. Boal. I wish I had one. If I had maybe I could play music now instead of just listening to it. This is also true of French teachers. If I'd had someone like Mr. Boal instead of Madame McVeety; I would have avoided the life-long resistance to learning French. Anyways, are you up for a side trade?


Hi Trista When your inspired to make a mix.Id gladly have a copy.I was inspired to make you a mix and Ill send it soon.Trish!


opps mean 2 thumbs up!


Dear Trista Not Only was the November mix great Music but Fabulouse Cover art too.I appreciate all the hard work you put into it!@ thums up!Trish


Hi Trista I got your mixtoday.The playlist looks cool.Ill send you a review soon!Trish


Hi Trista Wow awsome!Ill give you a complete report when it arrives.I read your music education.Wow!Incredible!I enjoy jazz too! I do music reviews on my myspace page if you want to read em inFact I blog alot about music and sometimes post my mixes but now I do the track listings on art of the mix.A great place for audiophiles like! I think you should post your mix tracks here too for all to see! Just a thought. Trish