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Super Agent Comatose

About Me

Super agent known for the ability to fall asleep at any party. What can I say. An english lovely told me about this project and I cannot wait to hear what you love!

Favorite Songs

You are not awake anything radio head anything beck bird on a wire raining blood

Favorite Artists

Chad Van Galen Radio Head Elliot Smith Casino Vs. Japan Trent Moeller Leonard Cohen Bob Dylan Red Dragon Sigur Ros Aretha Franklin and on and on and on

Favorite Albums

sea change 10,000 mghz in rainbows louder than bombs highway 61 revisited the bends best of nina simone blood band the boy with the arab strap surfa rosa

Recent Concerts

Leonard Cohen Sigur Ros


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heyhey Agent Comatose. I am your April sender. I am not quite ready for the sending, but I am very nearly finished with the maxking so your mix will be with you soon...ish! Soon-er than ish-er, I hope. mxbx


haha right on. Maybe we will. Or if you ever want to do a side swap, just drop me a line. Josh


You were featured mixer on the IMP homepage, and i just wanted to say thats a great photo!


Sorry for the delay in getting your December cd in the mail- I've been out of town. I'm popping it in the mail tomorrow so you should get it soon. So sorry!


Wow - hell of a first mix. I'm loving it at the moment. I'm such a fan of Elliot Smith, Radiohead and Bowie, but it's great to hear some new stuff which is equally awesome - Casino Vs Japan, Earlimart, Tunng, and the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme is inspired!! Nice work


It takes skills to fall asleep at a party. All I've managed to do is to fall asleep at hospital death beds. That sounds weird , but it's true. I've done it twice. I really should have stayed awake.