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Calm Downizm

About Me

All my lazy teenage boasts, are now high precision ghosts, and they're coming 'round the track, to haunt me.

Favorite Songs

The Monroes - "What Do All the People Know"; Unique 3 - "Weight For the Bass"; The KLF - "Kylie Said to Jason"; The Blue Nile - "Tinseltown In the Rain"; Lori and the Chameleons - "Touch"; Chairman of the Board - "Give Me Just a Little More Time"; Jawbox - "Dreamless"; Solvent - "A Panel of Experts"; INXS - "Not Enough Time"; Imagination - "Changes"

Favorite Artists

Gerling, Le Knight Club, Ashra/Manuel Göttsching, Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band/Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Tarwater, The Records, Chic, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, Michael Mayer, Orbital, Asobi Seksu

Favorite Albums

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Thanks for the June mix Erick. Sadly I only had a chance to listen twice before I lent my brother my car and left the mix in it. Will be getting the car back and going on holidays in a few days and looking forward to both and having a good soundtrack to drive to!


Thanks for the mix. Not quite my cup-o-tea, but interesting.


I'm sorry I've been a mixtape delinquent! I'll have it to you as soon as possible.


Hi Erick - thanks for my April mix. To be honest, on the first couple of listens I didn't like it at all. There isn't a single track on there that I liked! But like with the last couple of Aphex Twin albums, I have persisted and am beginning to get it...I'm sure it won't be long before it's up there with one of the great IMP mixes. Cheers!


Your mix is in the mail!


I am so sorry the mix is late, but I assure you it will be fantastic!


I blame the lateness of my mix on Obama. But now that is something I'm paying less attention to. It has been raining the last few days here and the wetness and overcast skies make the rainy day mix I'm sending appropriate. It goes out today!


Sorry about the tardiness...your mix will be sent out in a couple of days.


Heya Erick, Sorry, yer January mix is going to be a little late, as I'm out in the country at the moment and won't have access to my music again till the end of the month, at which point I'll send immediately...should be with you by about the 14th of Feb. Cheers, Dan


Look at that. I didn't even spell your name right. I'm a jerk. Sorry, Erick.


Mr. Eric, your July mix will be going out in tomorrow's mail. My apologies for the delay.


Mix for April is on its way...did you hear about the coyote that went into the Quizno's in Chicago? (not the beginning of a joke btw)


Good good good - that's you that's you

The Jeremiest

Nice Megaman action! Makes me wanna break out the Kid Icarus immediately.