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Dr Doof

About Me

Hi I'm Alex AKA 'doof' I'm studying English at Bangor uni.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Less than Jake, Goldfinger, Reel big Fish, The jamons, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys Rancid, Sum41, Blink 182, Die arzte, Notausgang, Ska-P, Journey, KISS, Mighty mighty bosstones, Highschool football heores, the loose nuts... i think you get the picture :P

Favorite Albums

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nuff said


the best live show in town!

Attention Span

Ska party mix


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Hi Alex, will send your July mix out shortly. Sorry for the lateness!


Oof. The good news is that I sent off your mix the other day (again, sorry about the delay!). The bad news is that Canada Post just went on strike, and I don't know whether your mix made it out of the country or not. In the latter case, it might be a little while... sorry about that, hopefully the strike resolves soon.


Hey Alex! Got your Mix a couple days ago and am just now getting a chance to have a listen! Lots of songs I've never heard before, great! Thanks!


Hey Alex, Major apologies, I've been travelling at the end of May and I didn't get your mix in the mail on time. It is done, I just have to get to the post office when it's actually open... it will be send ASAP. Sorry again.


hi Alex The robolion mix was a trip.Thank you!


Hey Alex - just got your March mix in the mail today. Was away on holidays this month so very late in getting it mailed, so apologies for that.


I mailed your mix about a week ago, so you should be receiving it in the near future. Thanks for being so nice about the delay. Hope you enjoy!


Your August mix is now completed and in my car ready to be mailed this week. I truly apologize for the lateness.


after two months a June mix I sent got returned because of an incorrect address. did you move and if so the address on the IMP site now correct?


Hey Doofus. An old school punk and new wave mix is on it's way to you from London...enjoy! Martin.