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Hi, You should have received your CD by now. I forgot to enclose a decent cover, so there's one up here now, or you could download it from here if you feel so inclined. On the other hand, if you;re as lazy as me, you may not bother... cheers Jon


hey man, just wanted to say thanks for the september mix! it would have been worth hearing just for the mc chris track (i laughed my ass off), but there's a bunch of great stuff on there. as a total prog sucker, i especially loved the faust track; i gotta get some more of that band's material. always been curious about jarvis cocker/pulp, but never had an entry point until now, great stuff. oh, and the "imaginary monorail" (something like that?), i really like that one too. i look forward to listening to this disc a lot, best imp i've gotten in quite a while. much appreciated!


10/4/07 Hi, Andrew, Sorry your September mix is so late. It's in the mail today, so you should get it by Sat. or Mon.


9/8/07 Hello, I'm your mixer this month. Any requests from my profile mix list?


Great February mix for the last throes of winter here. Love the cover puppy. Thanks!