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About Me

Hi!It's me! I'm excited to be here! Look forward to hearing your most loved tracks as well as those ditties you won't admit to liking but secretly believe were written just for you...So hit me with it!

Favorite Songs

Argh! I hate top tens. So this is whatever I can think of in 30 secs: Amublance - TV on the Radio, Beast for thee - Bonnie Prince Billy, Sparkle and Shine - Steve Earle, Sugarman - Rodriguez, When I first met your ma - Paul Kelly, Babe you turn me on - NIck Cave & the Bad Seeds, Sad Sexy - Dirty Three; Thurderbird ESQ - the Gories; please tell my mother - Golden Smog; Farewell Transmission - Songs Ohio, Lua - Conor Orbost and Gillian Welch

Favorite Artists

Bonnie 'prince' billy

Favorite Albums

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Hey, thanks for the mix. It's a bit great! I accidentally pressed 'no' when asked if i received this months mix, so please ignore that, 'cos I obviously DID get your CD. Cheerio, C


Hey Gabrielle - Glad to hear you like your mix but sorry you burnt your meal :) I am always up for side exchanges!


Hi Gabrielle Oh no my cocktail mix is making you an alcoholic.yikes should've but a drink in moderation note on there.OK 2 drinks is your limit young lady! Trish


Hi - I'm your September DJ :) I mailed your disc out today but mailed it differently then I normally do. Please let me know when you get it. Thanks - Shelly


Hi Gabriel Did you get the mix I sent you?If so did you like it? Trish


You liked one of my earlier mixes, so you might dig "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" -


Hi Gabiel Im Trish and Im your August DJ.Ill send you a nice Cocktail mix you can groove to while entertaining family and friends on a hot summer night! Trish


I'm glad you liked the mixtape. For another sample, you can download my latest ("Hat Trick!") from