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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

About Me

I reside in Melbourne, Australia, work in a gallery, sometimes I'm an artist but always a musician. Growing old in a bar.

Also, I would prefer to trade mixtapes over mix cds if possible. Cheers.

Favorite Songs

Daniel Johnston - My Yoke is Heavy

Favorite Artists

my bloody valentine, stereolab, trans am, neu, the clean, elo, sex pistols, can, testors, hot snakes, ramones, polvo, sonic youth, superchunk, bill callahan, sparklehorse, buzzcocks, die die die, love of diagrams, alice cooper band, rocket from the crypt, motorhead, bo diddley, x (australian), bored, dan sartain, verlaines, devil dogs, stooges, electrelane, spacemen 3, life without buildings, public image limited, hellacopters, magic dirt, sonics, powder monkeys, shellac, boris, sea and the cake, the drones, swervedriver, paul newman, catpower, bikini kill, so on and so forth...

Favorite Albums

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Product of Australia

Australian Rock n Roll

Parallel Lines

The tape is split into girls on the A side and boys on B. As usual the songs must segue well but each song has some relation to the corresponding track on the other side.


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Hi Finn Im Trish I have a brand new maxell 90 min cassettes here waiting to be used. drop me a line with your name and address Ill make you a pair of cool mixes

Thomas J

Finn, Sept mix should be flying to you now. Sorry it will be late. I did send an actual tape per your request. Admittedly I am little rusty at it. Something I need to remedy. Hope you enjoy.


Hey Finn, I'm excited for your mix! It hasn't come yet, but I was wondering: what's the track list?


Hi Finn: I put your August mix in the mail yesterday (8/30) & it should make its way to you in the next 5-7 days. Sorry for cutting it so close! Hope you enjoy the mix, Ashley


Hi Finn, Thanks for the mix!! I have not listened to it yet as I am in another country but I got word that the mix arrived to m address in one piece :-) I will get it soon and look forward to hearing it. Will let you know how it goes! Take Care & Thanks Brian


Finn, Your mix from July is coming from Manchester, UK. It's going in todays post so will hopefully be with you sooner rather than later. Cheers, Andy


CD in the post for May(sorry I hadn't been to your page until after it was done)