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how do you eat the elephant? one tape at a time.

About Me

i live in melbourne and i like to go out. when i am out i like to listen to music. when i am not going out i also like to listen to music.

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Orchard Run

songs in the key of fruit

Product of Australia

this was a collaboration with IMP member Finn. we heart australian rock n roll.


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hey taia...yup, i'm the jack who sent that mix. thanks for the kind words, don't recall what was on it but you are very welcome. i usually don't put much/any indie rock stuff, figure we all get plenty of that in other mixes. btw, i don't check this imp site very often, feel free to use bye. j


Yes! It's here and it's great. Thank you!!


I am indeed a believer in better late than never- can't wait to get it! Thanks for keeping me posted.


So glad you liked it


Taia - might be problems withe CD - if there is send me an email: and I can send you a link to download it or if you'd prefer I'll mail it again (burned coreectly)


Taia, I sent out your April mix yesterday, so volcanic ash over the UK permitting, should reach you soon