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hi again! just a heads-up that i got your may mix on the way a tad late - on the first of this month, oops - but it should arrive soon hopefully... all the best, d


Got your April/May mix at the weekend (confused now as to which month is which)....great stuff and a really nice mix of styles....cheers!!


just received your april mix - love it! thank you!


March mix goes in the mail tomorrow. I hope it doesn't take a long time to get there from Texas, but it's on the way.


Thanks! I am looking forward to receiving it! :)


Very, very late June mix is on its way. Apologies!


Hi Walter, I very much apologize for the lateness of the December mix---things got a little crazy over the holidays and I am sending your mix out first thing tomorrow. I hope you'll like it! Happy New Year!


Thanks for the email address, I'll add you to the fb soundcutter page mailing list so you'll get future mixes. I'll send western through in a few days as I have to prep it up for this kind of delivery, which I only adopted recently for HPD. (rapidshare became difficult to work with in the end). I'll be putting out a re-release of 'lost luggage' in a few weeks ahead of the forthcoming 'lost luggage 2'. It's a totally different animal to the road trip works.... It's still a multitracked bonanza that takes months of production... But is a lot more fun and 'open plan' I guess.


Hi Walter Thank you for your kind words regarding High Plains Driftin. If you're interested in some background to this, here's a link to the pictures taken on that trip. The music is a sub edit from the mix multitrack which lays bare the underlying layers of the Springsteen track. Also, the 'soundcutter' facebook page has some back stories to old mixes. One other thing... for High Plains, I microblogged through emails to the members on the soundcutter page the thoughts, processes, and searches that went into the making of this comp. For most folks it makes for tedious reading, but for someone like yourself who's into music sequencing, it may be of interest. Send me an email address that's registered to dropbox and I'll send this through plus anything that takes your fancy from the list of mixes on 'Soundcutter'. Chef's recommendation... 'Western', the forerunner to HPD and closely related in te


Shipped your Nov mix out today from the UK. Sorry it's a bit late. C.


Hi Walter, Donna has entered my drawing room and I'm not letting her out! Now that's what I call a 'cool' mix. At times it was like listening to the soundtrack of a 50's hipster movie! Emailed you with more detail. Cheers, Danny


Hi Walter, 'Bobby's Love Beads', looks interesting to say the least! Wouldn't mind doing a sidetrade with you for it. If you are up for it , let me know what you have in mind or do you want me to do something I think you'd like. Cheers, Danny.


Walter your July mix is pure fun! I love the diversity and all the songs. Can't thank you enough!


Hi, Many thanks for my August mix. Lots and lots to enjoy. The car's been a much funner place since it arrived. Thanks again. Chris.


Looking forward to it Walter. I will let you know when it arrives.


some great stuff on that may mix, thanks again!


Walter! You're the best! I just rec'd your mix in the post today, unfortunately I won't be able to listen to it just now BUT it's the best as it contains not 1, but 2 postcards AND bollywood music AND it got here so fast! Thank you!


I have emailed you :)


Hi Walter, I couldn't agree more. Nell


Great mix! Thanks Walter!


Merry Christmas Walter. Hope everything is going well


Hey there fella. Just received and listened to your mix. An excellent mix of funky, world and the weird! This is why I joined IMP. Will check out more by bands new to me. Many thanks Dan


Dear Walter Hi I'm Trish Musically we are a great pair.Would youcare to do a mix swap with me? Please drop me a line ar and we can exchange addys! Peace,love and music Trish


Sorry mate, just sent you two mixes last Sat. So hopefully they should arrive to you soon.


June mix sent to you 13 June. Enjoy (perhaps).


Got your May 2012 mix, and blooming loved it...cheers Sid


glad to hear the mix arrived in a timely fashion ;)


May Mix sent your way today! :)


Yes Walter 'upes asaru' is from me! hope you like it!


April mix in the post from London today (13th) - guess you'll get it sometime next month!


A Very Happy New Year to Yr


12/19 Rec'd your CD today & very much look forward to listening to it. Thanks, James


Crazy mix man - I love it! Seriously, THIS is why I joined IMP, thank you so much.


Got it. And it was great, Walter. It was so refreshing to get a mix that wasn't all just new indie bands and eating disordered singer/songwriter/acoustic-guitar players.It's the kind of stuff I'd like to send out more to others in IMP, but doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of tea. I love the different styles of music on the Rapture Alley disc. I'm a big fan of stuff from different eras, soundtrack music, trailers and Skeeter Davis!!!! The Ruth Brown track was very cool and The Divine Comedy song was interesting (I'm going to look those guys up). And the Thomas White tune was good. Hell, I liked pretty much every song in the mix!! If you're interested I'm up for a side trade? Although, I'd need your address as I've gone and lost the packaging you sent. Let me know. And thanks again.


September is on its way (horribly late). I realize it takes forever to get to where you are, though... so I'm sorry! Give it a few weeks?


Got it today! Sounds great so far thanks!


No worries Walter~will remix plus am back re wired to make Cds* Stay Cool*Jon*


Hi Walter - am so enjoying the June mix! It took awhile to land in my mailbox due to our mail strike but it was so worth the wait. My ears are happy - huge thanks!!


Dear Walter Did my mix to you turn up yet? Jon*


Just fantastic* Can't say anymore* Need to lay in the garden & listen again* Please insure your ears for 10 Billion Dollars*


I hope you got my email of thanks. If not, I thank you for such a fantastic disc. Great mood and flow. Awesome collection of songs strung into a fantastic narrative. Thank you. Just listened to it again tonight.


Hi Walter I received your mix alright! I will listen to it again soon and let you know what I thought of it! First impressions are vague on this one :-)


jolly super! email me your address at and i'll get cracking


hey Walter your October mix is in the mail! Thx


hi walter, I am in love with your mixtape. ever since the moment it clattered through my letter box that fateful day last month the mixtape and i have been swept up in a whirlwind romance. oh how it has wooed me. i'll admit, at one point i did catch it serenading my friend tim and i can't say that it didn't hurt, but we worked through it and are now planning to marry in the spring. i wish to extend to you my most sincerest gratitude for making our introductions. it has truly enriched my life. despite our wedding plans however we have agreed to an open relationship - the mixtape can not deny other ears the glory of its music, as much as i know that i can not promise to never again listen to another mixtape. Which brings me to my current proposition: i am very much interested in engaging in a musical side swap with you for i feel that your musical catalogue has many more gems in store, and in return i can offer you a little something, tailored to your specifications o