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To Busy to Breathe

About Me

Act like an artist but live like a dog walker. Mailart is my fave even though it makes me no $. Feral Cat trapper and adopt-a-thon-er. A lot going on and can barely focus on one thing at a time which is making me contemplate taking herbs for focus. Recycle anything and everything. The harder something is to cook the more I want to cook it and I'm a super strict vegan. Want to play the odd men out- calypso steel drums, dulcimer (mountain), theremin, gongs, bagpipes, accordion but most of all the harp. Cat mom (real surprise). Want to have a zine. Generally friendly but pretty anti-social. Ex smoker physically but forever by heart. Garden enthusiast, dead media lover, book hoarder, seminar junkie.

Favorite Songs

Currently Arcade Fire- Crown of Love All Time- Smashing Pumpkins- To Forgive

Favorite Artists

Probably someone I haven't heard of yet or the Violent Femmes

Favorite Albums

Kesav Das- Barefoot in the Heart

Recent Concerts

I don't do concerts really. I have people problems.


Myspace & art space

2007-03-22 17:57:59



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up the vegans!


Just how much of a dead media lover are you? Like 8-track lovin'?