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About Me

Currently living in Flagstaff, AZ. New to making mixtapes, getting into the swing of it!

Favorite Songs

Currently include: Minor Threat-In My Eyes, Every Time I Die-Rendez-Voodoo, The Grouch-Whatever I Say, Ratatat-Loud Pipes, Good Clean Fun-Wonderful, The Kills-Last Day of Magic, The xx-Basic Space Beirut-Nantes Aesop Rock-Coffee Project X-Straight Edge Revenge The Cure-Lovesong Bassnectar-Bass Head

These are constantly changing.

Favorite Artists

Blackbird Raum, Every Time I Die, Brett Dennen, The Kills, Minor Threat, The XX, Good Clean Fun, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Songs For Moms, Cheeky, Aus-Rotten, Appalachian Terror Unit, Ratatat, Let the World Die.

Favorite Albums

Currently: The xx-xx, Cheeky-Choke on a Cheeseburger, Minor Threat-Discography, Songs For Moms-I Used to Believe in the West, Blackbird Raum-Under the Starling Host, Good Clean Fun-Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place, Aus Rotten-The Rotten Agenda, Aesop Rock-None Shall Pass, The Kills-Midnight Boom, Brett Dennen-So Much More, Ratatat-Classics

Recent Concerts

Finisterre and Let the World Die at the Taala Hooghan infoshop in Flagstaff. Fantastic!


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Pop! Pop! Pop!


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Monster mix. What a brilliant idea! Thanks heaps, man, you rock!


November goes out today - late, but on the way.


Really enjoying your pop-y mix! Thanks :)