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The Dark Pig

Eastbound & Down

About Me

An office worker who wishes there was a better song than 9 to 5 to describe his job. With further thought, there is Lying on a Beach by Joel Plasket.

Favorite Songs

I'm trying to be honest based on my iTunes play count. You should try it and see if you're lying to yourself. (one song per Artist)Drunk Teenagers, Stumbling Through the Dark, Daughter (Loudon Wainright III), Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!, Oh Alberta.

Favorite Artists

Balancing most plays, with most songs in play list (didn't iTunes kill the mixtape, I'm so conflicted)

Joel Plaskett, Tom Waits, Corb Lund, Green Day, Jimmy Buffet (although I only have his greatest hits -- he's just a favorite I guess).

Favorite Albums

Ashtray Rock, Closing Time, Rare On The Air Vol. 1, Strange Weirdos - Music From and Insipired By Knocked Up, I and Love and You, A Lesson in Crime.

Recent Concerts

Elton John, The Black Keys


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Put Up Your Dukes

Lick My Wounds

Community College Boy


Olde Thyme Breakfast

Slow Lonely Buzz

Dime Sized Drops


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Hey there. Your June '11 mix was sent a few days ago. Sorry for the delay!


Hi, I finally got your May mix in the mail today. Sorry to squeak by at the end of the month -- hopefully the int'l post doesn't take too long. (:


Hey! Thanks for the mix, I am really enjoying it :)


Ahhh cool man. I"m glad you got the discs. I knew the postal systems couldn't stain my perfect record. (yeah perfect at sending discs the last bloody minute)


Dear The Dark Pig, This is a first for me in my many years of I>M>Ping. I'm sorry the postal services have misplaced the mix I sent you. I'll get another sound disc into the mail system as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay Dark.


Hey Pig, I propose a trade. E-mail me the address of your pen so I can rock the barnyard.