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About Me

"I like elements that are hybrid rather than 'pure,' compromising rather than 'clean,' distorted rather than 'straightforward,' ambiguous rather than 'articulated,' perverse as well as impersonal, boring as well as 'interesting,' conventional rather than 'designed,' accommodating rather than excluding, redundant rather than simple, vestigial as well as innovating, inconsistent and equivocal rather than direct and clear. I am for a messy vitality over obvious unity." -T. Finkelpearl

Favorite Songs

musicmusicMUSIC!!! I love it all.

I guess... this explains it better:

Favorite Artists

The Strokes.

Hands down... favorite band.

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Budapest Festival Orchestra; Eli "Paperboy" Reed; The Joy Formidable; Chromeo; YCBW.


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Mailing March today. Sorry so late. If it's any consolation, the mix probably really sucks, so you are not missing much. I really do have terrible taste in music. But at least it's Spring time and the trees should be blooming in Prospect Park...


Oh, good! I'm so glad you liked it.


I just mailed out your January mix today! It should arrive by early next week.


Thanks for the mix! Awesomeness...


Great. Glad you liked it. Don't get your hopes up about pretty envelopes too much. Most IMP's go straight to manilla. But I believe it's our God given right to slow down the mail with fancy packages. And I love getting unspeakably weird things in the mail myself. So, if you're feeling inspired keep me in mind. By the way. Great name.


Your mix is on it's way.