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About Me

Favorite Songs

One Red Thread, Fade Into You, You Remind Me of Home, All Delighted People, Starting Over (Bad Habits), At Last

Favorite Artists

American Analog Set, Iron & Wine, Laura Marling, Local Natives, Blind Pilot, Sufjan Stevens, Typhoon, The Decemberists

Favorite Albums

For Emma, Forever ago

Recent Concerts

Frightened Rabbit, Menomena, Of Montreal, Janelle Monae, Suckers, Tu Fawning, Plants and Animals, Typhoon (Last 6 months)


Currently there are no blogs published.


C'mere Spring

The Other Side of Spring

As Ever, Me.


And a happy new year...


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Let me know if you are ever interested in a side trade :)


Oregon. The address IMP sent me.


Hi Arianna. I am still really enjoying the mix you made me for April. It had a lot of artists on it that I have been meaning to check out for some time. Thank you!


Yes, I've just sent "you" April mix. Not only am I'm late; I'm a sloppy typist. I don't know how I live with myself.


I'm as sorry as sorry can be. I've been tardy and have just sent you April mix; which you should now get within a few days. Again, my bad.


Hi Arianna, Thanks again for C'mere Spring. It's great and has been in heavy rotation on my ipod and in my car this past week. Really liking it!


I've been away on holidays (so no worries on the lateness and being a procrastinator myself, I can totally relate) and just got back and received your Feb mix! Can't wait to give it a listen.


Hi Arianna, just mailed my mix a looong time ago. Is it still not there? All best from Germany, x Katja


digging your tastes, girl. you seem pretty chill.