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long live tactile music experiences!

About Me

i like the sort of music that erodes whatever descriptions or definitions i've most recently dreamt up for the sort of music i like.

and, i really, really like sending and receiving mysterious parcels.

Favorite Songs

criteria is: what i remember from writing this down last time, before i accidentally erased the list. (in no order, of course)

minha menina - pink moon - sweet jane - when she kisses me - perfect day - house of the rising sun - visions of johanna... or maybe lay, lady lay - hallelujah - ever fallen in love? - love > building on fire - big rock candy mountain

Favorite Artists

according to itunes' omniscience, current faves would be:

los abatidos - robert forster - the essex green - nick drake - marvin gaye - rapture - the classics IV - the meanest boys - amy winehouse - chad van gaalen - chairlift - devendra banhart - ganache - mark mothersbaugh

Favorite Albums

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just got my July assignment and it's you! Luckily i was ready with a mix because i'm in Texas and you're in Austria. It goes in the mail tomorrow and hopefully doesn't take long to get to you.


Hi Danielle, you April disc air-mailed out of Sydney today (April 14th)


Hey! I'm Laura :) Would you be interested in a side trade? Shoot me an email:


Hi Danielle Im Trish Wanna do a side trade?Check out my page for music likes and email info Like you I like getting cool packages in the mail!I look forward to hearing from you


Mix arrived safe and sound yesterday and I am enjoying it right now. Love the diversity. Thank you kindly!


Thanks for the Nov mix! :) Happy Holidays!


Did the mix arrive?


I just recieved the package back marked as insufficient address, on the dec mix I mailed you. Not sure if it was because they could not read the 'circle' part or what, but resending tomorrow.