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My name ain't Norman, but I still Rockwell.

About Me

Bret is currently living in San Francisco, California and intends to keep positive despite all the evidence suggesting that he do otherwise. He used to work on a boat in order to pay bills, and has made a variety of other unclever life decisions. Perhaps you will be affected by one of them one day.

Favorite Songs

Life Magazine - Cold Cave ** Shit Xmas - Royal Bangs ** Treatment of the Sun - The Pass ** The Rain - Calvin Harris ** Sun of a Gun - Oh Land ** Hey You - Pony Pony Run Run ** Beatific - Glass Candy ** Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ** Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids ** The International Tweecore Underground - Los Campesinos! ** Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts - Wolf Parade ** Oceanographer's Choice - The Mountain Goats ** Night Windows - The Weakerthans ** Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles ** The Deathbridge in Lethbridge - The Rural Alberta Advantage ** This is the Dream of Win & Regine - Final Fantasy ** Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith ** West Coast - Coconut Records ** Meet Me in Las Vegas - Tullycraft ** Sadie - Joanna Newsom **

Favorite Artists

The Weakerthans ** The Mountain Goats ** Casiotone for the Painfully Alone ** Mates of State ** Elliott Smith ** Smog / Bill Callahan ** Tullycraft ** :( ("colonopenbracket") ** Final Fantasy / Owen Pallett ** Barcelona **

Favorite Albums

This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About - Modest Mouse If You're Feeling Sinister - Belle and Sebastian ** A River Ain't too Much to Love - Smog ** All Hail West Texas - The Mountain Goats ** Reconstruction Site - The Weakerthans ** ZeRo-OnE-iNfInItY - Barcelona ** Disenchanted Hearts Unite! - Tullycraft ** Know by Heart - The American Analog Set ** Hercules and Love Affair - S/T ** American Football - S/T **

Recent Concerts

Bill Callahan/Smog - June 18

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (His last concert ever!)


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Sorry I haven't gotten you your May mix. Just got a new computer over the weekend and the old one couldn't have handled it. May is on its way!


Hi, hang tight. Your April '11 mix is done and I'm just working on the liner notes/packaging. Sorry it's late!


Brett, Cheers for the Outside Voice mix. Excellent rolling around music.


I hope we get assigned to each other some day. I think it would be quite the quest to find super-cool-awesome-songs to send, that we HAVEN'T already sent to each other over these many years. YES!