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About Me

London Programmer Policeman Music Fan

Favorite Songs

Check my mixes, most of them are in there somewhere.

Favorite Artists

Sonic Youth

Favorite Albums


Recent Concerts


Currently there are no blogs published.


A Random Selection

A Tribute To Stylus

A selection of tracks by bands i discovered through the sadly departed Stylus Magazine

Cassette Music 2

More music I found when converting my cassettes to mp3s

Cassette Music

Songs I came across while turning my cassette's into mp3s

I'm 93, you're 16

Songs about relationships with age differences

God Is In The House

Apocalypse Music

Emotional Landscapes

Bjork - Live and Remixed

My History

songs that remind me of particular times

Best of 2006

The best tracks I first heard in 2006

Favourite Lyrics

Whether its the whole song or just a couplet, these are some of my best ever lyrics

21st century one hit wonders

as it says in the title (some may have had hits since this was compiled - but hell, I can't see the future)

Oh So Quiet

Dancing Queens

apologies to the person who received this - while i love the song, i can imagine this was a pretty traumatic listening experience

Stycast Music

great tracks first heard on's stycasts


Tracks I come across sorting out my MP3s

Geek Music

Songs connected with geek stuff (some a bit tenuous though!)


Pretty much as the title suggests!

Rock Music

Just great rock tunes

AlphaBet CD

An A-Z

Some of My Top Hip Hop

The title says it all

Best of 2005

The best tracks that I first heard in 2005


For my first IMP mix, a mix of opening tracks from albums


The Horn

The title says it all

September Music

A few tracks from albums I was listening to in september 05.

Tower of Babel

Every song a different language

...And Dance

Skewed dance music

Jan '07

I recently bought a USB record player to allow me to turn my vinyl into mp3's. These are a few tracks from the first batch of records I have converted.


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Hi James, your mixtape is on it's way, sorry for the delay!


Hi James, huge apologies for not getting a Feb mix to you yet. I have had computer related disasters and lost a bunch of music (forlorn sigh). I shall cobble something together and get it over to you quick sharpish. Nell


David, Your January Mix doesn't have far to travel (it's from Manchester)'s being posted today...


super late with your november mix. i had a busy month at work and totally forgot to do it. it's in the mail now.


Hi James, your August disc left Sydney today (Aug 8th).


Hi James, I just put your April '12 mix in the mail today (5/4) and it should make its way to you in the next 5-7 days. So sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy the tracks. --Ashley


Mix sent out, apologies again for the lateness, hope you enjoy it!


Apologies in advance, your July mix will probably be late as my laptop decided to die this week...I'll do my best to get your mix out though.


Hey James, I expect to have your June 2011 mix in the mail to you before the end of the week. Just making sure I like it and getting the artwork together. It'll take some time to get there since I'm across the pond and all.


Hey James, You're my assignment. The disc is ready to go, but it's tax season in the US right now, and the post offices are mobbed with lazy people frantically trying to send out their documents. I'm going to wait 2 more days and then send it. I hope it makes it to you by the end of the month! Bret


James, I dropped a package for you in the post about a week ago. I hope it arrives soon.


Hey James, Sorry to hear about the address snafu, that sucks. Tell you what, if you drop me a line at and you don't mind me getting your mix via the internet, I'll send you over your mix and the next one (the other half of the Ns). If you require an actual piece of plastic, that's fine, but let me know at my email anyway, or I'll probably forget. Cheers, Ian


Hi James Thank you for the sonic youth mix!Trish


Hey, I'm sending out your January mix tomorrow or Friday, and I just noticed your Tribute to Stylus mix. As one of the writers there, thanks very much for the kind thoughts - it's always awesome to see that someone knew we existed, to be honest!


Hey man, did you ever get your January Mix?


Hey James, I got a message today saying that you'd received my October mix, but I'm afraid that there's been a mix-up. I just sent it yesterday, though, so it should arrive in a week or so. Sorry for the delay.


It's late but it's coming. You can get a sneak preview if you look at my profile.


so sorry your aug. mix is so late! It's on its way I promise!


James, The May mix was sent 5/24 from the US of frickin' A. So I don't think it will be there before the end of the month but it shouldn't be too late, either. - James


You mix for March is done. I will be sending it off here in the next day or 2. Sorry about it being late....been a very busy month. Hope you enjoy it.


You mix for March is done. I will be sending it off here in the next day or 2. Sorry about it being late....been a very busy month. Hope you enjoy it.


Hey James.. I have your mix done, but it's not in the mail yet. Bear with me, it's on its way. :) All the way from Canada!


Hey James.. I have your mix done, but it's not in the mail yet. Bear with me, it's on its way. :) All the way from Canada!


hi james cheers for september mixtape, enjoyed the mix of tunes.


hey james. glad you like the mix. as for dirty on purpose, i've had so many opportunities to see them and haven't yet. it's driving me insane! but they have a solid album. hopefully you can check 'em out.


Loveless is golden. In my top 10 for sure. Maybe even top 5 with the Jesus & Mary Chain's PSYCHOCNADY.


Lovely February mix. Thanks!


Cheers Jim, just got your mix. Thanks. Steve Dahlgren

Miss Van Der Rohe

... and are you happy with this usb deck?? des it also automatically split the tracks?