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Often Found Enjoying.

About Me

Medicinal herb grower, plant lover, lover in general, filled with soul, packing in more. In love. Love listening, I do the same thing with music as in conversation, listening for meaning, responding to myself. Involved with thinking, very happy to respond.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

DeVotchka, Andrew Bird, Neko Case, Devendra Banhart, Elizabeth Cotten, Woody Guthrie, Tom Waits

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Blockhead, Asheville NC; The Fiery Furnaces, St Louis MO; Crooked Still, St Louis MO; Ten Cent Poetry, Asheville NC


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my first attempt, without a sharpie.


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Hey Abigail! Your very late June mix is on its way to you, if it hasn't already arrived. Hope you enjoy a little taste of Australia.


Hi Abigail, You're May mix is going to be a little thing called late. It is on it's way though!!!