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Musical Smorgasbord for My Ears

About Me

I have an insatiable desire to travel. Some call it wanderlust. I call it sucking the nectar outta life while I can.

I naturally gravitate to Spanish cultures just as naturally as you and I breathe. If there is such a thing an reincarnation, I know I was a Spanish woman in a past life.

From various cultures, I devour everything I can -- everything from food, to history, to love, to music - -and try to appreciate every day I am given as they do.

Just returned from Spain and miss it already. But, there is always music!

Favorite Songs

Human Hands, Bowerbirds Sleep on Needles, Sondre Lerche All My Friends, LCD Soundsystem Dead Bodies, Air When Yer Twenty Two, The Flaming Lips Santa Maria De Feria, Devendra Banhart I Told her on Alderaan, Neon Neon Bobby Hughes Experience, Thievery Corporation Eden, Hooverphonic Work It, Cinematic Orchestra Storm, Parov Stelar Eight Days a Week, Beatles Tasty Pudding, Miles Davis Let Me Love Your Boy, Daft Punk Safari, Holy Fuck Friend of Mine, The National Untitled, Burial Heaven, Ian Pooley Let Your Hair Down Girl, Metaform It's Oh So Quiet, Bjork Wonderwall, Ryan Adams Lion Man, Mumford and Sons

Favorite Artists

Manu Chau, Wu-Tang, Thievery Corporation, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Erik Sumo, ANdrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Blockhead, Air, Mumford and Sons, Mucca Pazza, Girl Talk, Beth Orton, Beck, Tosca, Bajafonda, Dengue Fever, Fleet Foxes

Favorite Albums

I used to spend hours thumbing through my father's vinyl collection as a youngster. I loved the images, and the Velvet Underground cover in particular.

Recent Concerts

Environmental Encroachment and Mucca Pazza


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Did ya get that thing I sent you?


Fellow Buffalonian - I left for a decade - and had to come back! Love it here- but I do believe everyone needs to move out of here either for awhile or if need be for good to see the world.


Hi Jill Im Trish So you like to travel.well I have a world music mix I think you will enjoy.If you want to do a trade you are welcome to drop me a line at also learn more about me at I look forward to hearing from you! Peace love and music Trish