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About Me

[Heidi]...eyeliner, black fingernails, tattoos, piercings && messy hair...22...chillin' in Kurrimine Beach....bartender...motherduck...plays guitar...i'm fairly sure i'd DIE without my iPod...[xo]

Favorite Songs

The Artist In The Ambulance - Thrice, Carrion - Parkay Drive, Cursed - Carpathian, In This Diary - The Ataris, Comin' Home - City & Colour, Memory - Sugarcult, Promise Me - The Hot Lies, Snakeskin - Gyroscope, The Ocean - Mae, Raised By The Tide - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Peaches And Cream - John Butler Trio, Anthem Of Our Dying Day - Story Of The Year, Footprints On My Ceiling - Social Distortion, Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate. Where The City Meets The Sea - The Getaway Plan, The Taste Of Ink - The Used, Jumper - Bedlight For Blue Eyes, Self Conclusion - The Spill Canvas, Breathe Me - Sia, My Name Is Trouble - Nightmare Of You, Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard, With You - Jessica Simpson, Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down, Wake Up - Three Days Grace, Swing Life Away - Rise Against, Lollipop - Lil Wayne, The Day I Left The Womb - Escape The Fate, Please Come Home, Dustin Kensrue, Walk Like A Zombie - The Horrorpops, The Curse Of Curves - Cute! Is What We Aim For, Say Goodbye - I Killed The Prom Queen, I'm Yours - Jason Mraz, Damage On Parade - Trial Kennedy, Unsettle My Heart - The Boat People, God Called In Sick Today - AFI, Blue Eyes - New Atlantic, Sunday Afternoon - Lucky Boys Confusion, Dear Maria - All time Low, aaand this list could go on forever!

Favorite Artists

Parkway Drive. Hands down are my favourite band EVER. But I listen to anything and everything, no jokes. I'm very partial to Screamo/Emo/PopPunk/Punk Rock though.

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

I haven't been to a concert in forever. But here's the list? Parkway Drive x 2, Wish For Wings, LOE, Amity Affliction (before they were SUPER COOL!), The Waifs, Pete Murray, Ben Lee,


So There's This Boy...

2011-03-25 03:35:11


Being Grown Up Isn't Half As Fun As Growing Up...

Title; take from The Ataris' "In This Diary". Basically, it's my most favourite songs from back when I was just some punkass teenage girl <3


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Hey, your mix turned up today, thank you so much! It was a serious trip down memory lane, I used to be into the same stuff when I was growing up, crazy. I was gonna send you one back if that's cool with you? x


Thanks, looking forward to it! x