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year by year challenge

ryan's challenge was to shove a song on for each(ish) year of my life, skipping a few. pow.

mixtape 3

the aim here was to put things which flow one after another but to move from one genre to another as fast as possible. didn't manage to fit in any white noise or hip hop. must try harder.

mixtape 2

first one sent - somethings really local to me and some things you have to hear if youve not already. the gems from years of digging.

mixtape 1

first stab at it


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Hi Simon- I finally sent your mix out. So sorry that its late.


hello simon! i sent out your mix cd today so i hope you get it before the deadline (May 10th) The post office told me it should only take about 4-7 working days to get there altho. But you know the post office, they lie sometimes.

Jane Lee

not sure if you are 'the' simon that tried to send me a Feb mix, but I did not receive it. did you already try to resend it? because I have gotten nothing. in case, here is my address again: 160 W 106 St apt 2A, NY, NY 10025 thanks