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Obsessive & Proud!

About Me

Lecturer in music technology, currently working on Phd exploring subcultural identity and ethnomusicology. DJ, engineer and sound artist to boot.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

I would die without:

BT Halloween Alaska Miles Davis Michael Jackson Bjork Bill Evans Tim Hecker Grum Placebo Leftfield Burial Daviw Bowie

Favorite Albums

All time top 10:

1) BT - Movement In Still Life 2) Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (yes obvious I know) 3) Halloween Alaska - Eponymous 4) BT - ESCM 5) Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing 6) Portishead - Dummy 7) Bowie - Young Americans 8) Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (yes another obvious one) 9) St Germain - Tourist 10) Athlete - Vehicles & Animals

Recent Concerts

Bjork's Biophilia Lamb Portishead Skrillex DJ Shadow



2011-07-18 15:07:10


Electrique Fantastique/Electro Ghetto Dance Party

A mixtape that celebrates the wonder of electro and post-disco then and now.

seven summers ago

telling the story of an old relationship with some selections from the time and some new additions.


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March 2012 mixtape in the post on it's way to you :) Happy Spring!


Hi Liam Im Trish Like you Im also a DJ.I love most music except gangster rap and Opera.50 cent and poverato need not! If you would like to do a side trade I welcome it.Getting 6x9 envelopes in the mail is like christmas. Feel free to drop me a line at To get to know me better check out my webpage I look forward to cool music and an awesome friendship Peace,love and music Trish