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About Me

I am Angela I am from Plainfield IL, in America on the North American Continent located on Planet Earth. Since Illinois/Plainfield is so bland (hence the name PLAINFIELD) I feel that many of my comrades find a sense of comfort and enjoyment in new music. This heavily impacts why I've joined IMP. I aspire to be a comic book writer. I mention this because with listening to music, I create visuals in my head that assist me in the creative writing process. Blah blah blah

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I enjoy everything from easy listening to pop to rockabilly to swing or to modern instrumental (such as Hella or something like The Books). The only thing that I NEVER listen to is country and ANY kind of metal. Sorrrrryyyyy. But I do like folk music!

Favorite Albums

"Power Move" Screaming Females "A Record" By Laura Stevenson and The Cans "Real Gone" Tom Waits "Think Before You Speak" Good Shoes "The Fame Monster" Lady Gaga (That probably sounds lame to the average hipster, but I am not going to hide the fact that I absolutely ADORE Gaga) "Touch Up" Mother, Mother "The Queen is Dead" The Smiths "Super Taranta!" Gogol Bordello "Z" My Morning Jacket "Hold Your Horse Is" Hella

Recent Concerts

Screaming Females (on tour with Against Me! at the Metro) Paul Baribeau (in some person's house in Chicago ahaha) Lady Gaga ("Monster Ball" aka the best perfomance I've ever seen) Andrew Jackson Jihad (At the beat Kitchen)


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Hi Angela I got your mix yesterday A rockin mix and cool cover art on the envelope!Well done! Trish


Dear Angela OK.I hope your time out of time was fun and look forward to getting your mix.If you want to checkout my website its