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Cassettes or CD?

2012-05-20 21:23:06



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Got your cd. Very cool. Nice selection of songs. Thanks a lot.


Hey Zach - I don't know why I didn't think of that. I will definitely check out a thrift store for a cassette player. I am totally up for a side trade. Email me your address at rochellehelsto (at) yahoo (dot) com Later, Shelly


Your July mix is going in the mail tomorrow, sorry for the delay!!!


Your July mix is going in the mail tomorrow, sorry for the delay!!!


Hey CrabClaw - Received your mix last week and was totally excited. Seriously the coolest mix I have received in a while...but the bummer is that I don't have a cassette player :( Any way you could send me a digital copy? If so message me on my tumblr page (the ? button)


June mix in the post this week...apologies for delay. Hope you like marmite. Sid - RJ


Glad you like it man! I wonder what sort of mix best suits the streets of Bellingham on a cold night?


Hi CrabClaw: Your spring cleaning mix made its way to my side of the country safe & sound! I've been enjoying it for its intended purpose, as well as on a recent road trip. Thanks, Ashley


hi! your may mix went in the post from London today (28th). Hope you like it!


Hi Im Trish like you Im a Part time DJ!I have lots of music to dance to lets do a swap.My email is my website is Lets do a mix swap!It will be fun! Trish