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About Me

Man, 39. Lecturer of psychology. Miss the thrill of receiving and doing a mix tape.

Favorite Songs

Aaahhh! Far too many to pinpoint

Favorite Artists

Tom Waits Aphex Twin Cud Telemann William Onyeabor - in fact any Afro funk weirdness! Manu chao Anything new, out of the ordinary or strange!

Favorite Albums

Selected Ambient Works 1 by Aphex Twin Heart of Saturday Night by Tom Waits Elvis Belt by Cud

Recent Concerts

Cud @ Garage, London 2012 Manlikeme @ Garage, London 2012


2012-07-15 04:26:00


Proving to Nature that I am a Survivor!

Afro Funky Dungh

Real Afro Funk for real Afro funk heads

Even Penguins are butch!

Weird and wonderful

Funky Dungh

Real Funk Music for real funk heads.


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Hey Dan, I'd love a piece of that Funky Dungh! Are you up for a side trade? Let me know. Cheers, Danny


Dan, I apologize for the lateness on returning your post. I have not received your mix. If you are up for a trade let me know at


Hi Dan, your Oct mix left Sydney today(Oct 9th).


Dan. Whatever you send me I am sure it will be great. I am looking forward to it.


Hey Dan! Yes mate 3 fantastic CDs - thank you! The funk and afrofunk mixes have the right combination of classics and new-to-me tunes for me to get my teeth into and the third 'weird-out' CD is truly remarkable. Some wonderful stuff here - THIS is the reason I love IMP. Many thanks Mx


In the post this morning for ya! been having problems with my cd burner so a track or two are a bit 'broken' .. hope that doesn't spoil your listening pleasure too much


sounds great dan - although I'm going to need a CD - tape deck died years ago! Here's my email: send me your address and I'll ping you mine back - I'm in UK too!


Hey Dan! Welcome to IMP. I realise you don't want to be hit up straight away with a side trade offer but anytime you want to swap afrobeat/funk mixes, just drop me a line!