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About Me

I wrote this, only with better pronouns: http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/showArticle.php?articleID=7360

Favorite Songs

Favorite song of all time: Tori Amos' cover of "Love Song" by The Cure, with the original quite likely a close second.

Favorite Artists

Tori Amos, Speechwriters LLC, Ursus, Patty Griffin, PJ Harvey, Rasputina, Citizen Cope, Immortal Technique, Radiohead, Cat Power, Cat Stevens, Ani Difranco, Amy Ray, Prince (hey, don't judge), Tool, Paul Oakenfold, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Morcheeba, Imogen Heap, Cake, The Cure, Mars, Mystre, Sasha, The Butchies, Greg Brown, Iron & Wine, Gillian Welch, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Heather Nova, Johnny Cash, Kristen Hersh, Leonard Cohen, Mazzy Star, Morcheeba, Sneaker Pimps, Stars ... so many many more.

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts


Adventures in Mediocrity

2010-09-10 04:14:39

Read all about it!

2010-09-10 04:13:53


Wasting Time

Over and Over

Songs I have, at one point or another, listened to over and over and over and over and over again.

Stuff I Like

I made this for one of my favorite co-workers, to help her make it to Friday!

Girly Songs for Manly Men

I made this mix for my favorite menfolk.

Lullabies for Rebels

Sad for No Reason

Songs to listen to when it rains

Songs for You

I made this mix for an old lover who's become a very wonderful friend. We exchange CDs often, and each song has a specific message intended for the recipient. I liked this one so much that I decided to send it to some mixtapers.


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Hi Sarah, I'd like to hear 'Over and Over'. Fancy a side trade? Cheers, Danny


11/7: Sending your October selections today. Sorry I'm a little late, had a bunch of things going on at the end of the month. I hope you enjoy them. - James


Hi Sarah, thanks very much for your 'Slow Songs for Sunny Sundays' mix. Although it isn't a Sunday I enjoyed it a lot. I've only just re-joined IMP after a bit of a sabbatical, so it's great to start things off with a nice, thoughtfully done mix.


sure! can you email me again just so i make sure I have your address info?


Hey there! Am currently listening to (and really enjoying) Tori Amos's cover of "Lovesong" that you sent me on a side trade mix a while back. I'm seeing now on your profile that it's your favorite song! Good choice. Just wanted to let you know I still listen to the songs you sent me and keep discovering new wonders among them. Thanks again!!


Hey Sarah! I owe you a January mix and it is on it's way! Just setting up my profile and have been ridiculously behind, but wanted to let you know I shall never deprive someone of music : )


hi sarah - just checking to see if my mix from june ever made its way to you?


Hey Sarah I got your December mix today! I've heard most of these guys before, but didn't have any of their songs, so thanks! I really like them, especially the Duffy song :)


Just read the essay up on the main page of the site. Good stuff - I especially enjoyed the aside about assigning something Proper Noun Status.


Hey Sarah, don't worry - you sent me a mix for september! Good work, sorry I took a while to notice your comment.


your sept mix is in the mail


Thanks so much for the music! I apologize for responding so late but I had too much catnip lately.


So sorry about the delay of February's mix- it'll be on it's way to you Saturday!


Side trade sounds good! My email is rachel.woodnutt@gmail.com


Thanks so much for the mix! I am enjoying it in my car right now---I especially like the one by The Knife. Also, that Tori Amos cover of "Famous Blue Raincoat" is like, WAY INTENSE. In a good way.


Yay, I'm so glad you got your mix. Hope your road trip home for the holidays was fun.


Oh no! sorry to hear you did send it - it hasn;t arrives yet - i guess it should have by now, even with thepost strikes. can you resend it me? I hope so. thanksthanks. I look forward to it. MxBx


Hi Sarah, your November '09 mix was put in the mail today, 11/25. Happy Thanksgiving! -Andrea


Hi Sarah! I clicked Yes you sent me my October mix....but as we all know that is not true. I like clicking Yes so I know who it is, so I can ask you personally. I am pretty tardy, especially at the moment, so I know how it is. I look forward to it soon tho, hehe. MxBx


Well it certainly isn't right now! Yesterday's high was 75, but that was a record. But it mostly depends on how cold you think Utah is. :D I'm glad you liked the mix!


I'm actually your October mix, so if you haven't received September yet...that's not me.


Hey there! I put your mix in the mail yesterday so it should be there soon.


hey i picked up my CD today! (they go to my parents cos i move around a bit) thanks so much i really like it! a couple of favourites of mine on there - the cat power, bss and kate bush :) weird thing is when i joined a few months ago i scanned through the profiles for a bit looking for people with similar tastes and yours was one of the ones i looked at - i remember cos of your favourite song :) thanks again xx


it took me about ten minutes to figure out how to comment. i also spent a month thinking you hated your mix. needless to say...i am NOT internet savvy. glad you liked it :)


no problem. do you want me to send it in an envelope, or just address it to you and send it regular-like so it gets the CA postmark?


You can count on me. Pleased to be your co-conspirator.


Hey Sarah, did you get your June mix yet?


thank you. the mix made my move a lot easier. good timing.


Hey! In honor of it being July, I've decided to get my act together and finish your June mix. Sorry for the lateness! I'm gonna drop it in the post tomorrow (Wednesday). Hopefully you'll get it by the end of the week, not sure with the 4th coming up, plus you live... way over there... and it is being mailed from, you guessed it, way over here. Lemme know when you get it!


Thanks for the "songs to listen to when it rains" cd--I loved it! It was awesome to be introduced to alot of talented new (for me) artists. Also the decorated cd and package were cool!


Checked out your profile when you came up under "featured mixtape" on the front page. Like the mix....and you're a CakeHead!!! Sweet! I've been into Cake for, God, 10+ years (sigh - I'm getting old). Have you ever seen them? Saw them twice in Philly. Great shows! At the first show, there was some unknown band that opened for them. Who was it? It was...was....hmmmmmmm, "Spoon" or something like that? (lol) Nobody knew them then, but I did know "Fitted Shirt" from when NPR did a piece on them. They were decent, but I never thought they would become the indie darlings that they have. Sorry - I'm rambling (d'oh!)


Sarah: I've typing Tourettes...The email is david.haw@cogeco.ca


Sarah: I've changed email providers and lost your previous messages. Can you send me your contact info again, please? My new email is davidhaw@cogeco.ca Thanks.

Thomas J

Thanks for the mix, it's always nice to get some Joplin and Simone on the same CD.


Forgot this...my email is david.haw@sympatico.ca We can trade mailing addresses this way.


Feel free to put together whatever you'd like. Other than jazz and new country I'm easy. Do you have any preference?


Inclind? Inclinded? In Clined?


Oh, Sarah....would you be inclinded to consider a side trade?

Jane Everyman

I know it's late, but it's on it's way!! Here comes septembers mix- I'm a sailor, sometimes I'm out to sea :-)


your monthly mix is on it's way! let me know what you think!


Thank you for my mix. Very nice to listen to. Even though I haven't cut myself.


Looking at yr tastes (tori amos, rasputina...) I think you'd really like my girlfriend's music. Check it out if you get a sec: Nicolette Emanuelle (www.MySpace.com/NicoletteEmanuelle) Cheers, Laura in NC




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