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Turn the volume up all the way.

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Tha Carter III

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Third Eye Blind


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Hi Shane, got your July mix this morning, but unfortunately there was no disc inside the case! Did you maybe forget to put it in? Danny


Hey Shane - Just mailed your August mix out this should get it soon. Hope you enjoy it! - Shelly


Hey Sean, I just heard you didn't get the March mix I put together for you and sent on March 23rd. It's called POW! If you don't have it, I'll send you another. Is this the correct address? 1338 N Colorado Ave Hastings NE 68901 Steve email


Hi Shane, Keep an eye on your mailbox 'cause there's a mix winging it's way across the Atlantic Ocean. And this one can definately be played loud! Cheers, Danny


Happy to hear you are enjoying the mixes!


July mix is coming from London. Posted today 25th.


Shane sorry for the wait but I mailed you two mixes today for June.


Hi Shane - thanks loads for a cracking Feb CD. I Love it! Every track is stellar. Cheers!