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CD For Bee the IMP Snob

CD: For -Bee- the IMP Snob (Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) What does one do when an IMP member puts up not one, but TWO postings on your ID page which completely bash your integrity and your mix CD? For those of you not in the loop (which would be all of you except for -Bee- who started this) I was dogged (by said IMP member) for having sent him the CD my wife and I made for our wedding of songs that had some significance in our relationship. Apparently, he gives no points for sentimentality. I was quite surprised by his overreaction to it. Should I apologize that he�s heard of the bands on my IMP? Maybe I read the website wrong, but I didn�t think it was called - International Mix- Tape Snobs-. So I made this mix for him. See if you can see how each song fits into my response and feelings for the behavior of this dear fellow member of

Songs that begin with the letter "M"

I've been sending this out for the last few months. I'm thinking of doing the whole alphabet. Good luck with Q and X, huh?

Songs From Four Years

I've been sending out the mix CD my wife and I made and handed out to our wedding guests.


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Did you get that thing I sent ya?


Hey Gary. Just finished your July mix. I will mail it out on Monday. Hope you like it


Hey Gary, the May "M" mix just dropped in my box. Thanks a bunch man, excited to hear about the Q and X mixes, if they come to see the light of day.


The good news is that I sent off your June mix the other day. The bad news is that Canada Post just went on strike, and I don't know whether your mix made it out of the country or not. In the latter case, it might be a little while... sorry about that, hopefully the strike resolves soon.


thanks for the M mix blood, unusual mix of tracks but its getting a fair few spins in the car...


Hi Gary, I've sent your (March) mix off today so hopefully it'll be with you very soon. Advance apologies for the lack of design on it though, been crazy busy this month, hope you enjoy it anyway. Steve


Hi Gary, I've almost finished your mix for my January assignment, it will be posted in the next few days


hey gary, received your mix today..will give it a spin soon. Thanks!


Hi Gary - your June mix will go in the post today (15th) from London. Enjoy! Cheers Martin


Dear Gary Dont Worry About Bee.Im sure all who receive your wedding mix are honored that you shared it with them.To share something so close to your heart with someone you dont even know is cool in my book. If you ever want to do a side trade with me my email is trishmull77@comcast.net Keep on Groovin! Trish


Thanks for the October mix! Nice to get a compilation with such a wide variety of genres. Keep on keepin' on! **** RayGun


shit, shit - it is going in the post today. TODAY!! (1st June. is that 2 months late? sorry.) this one's a keeper though. promise!


hey man, sorry about yr April 09 mix coming in a bit late - I am well on to it,it's coming. I never miss a month so fear not! MxBx


Thanks for the TWO CDs! I have a mix along similar lines, each song starts with a different letter, from A to Z. Somehow I managed to fit all 26 on one CD, tho it was challenging (and many songs are kinda short)


gary, your june is on the way! it will be everything you've been waiting for and more. i'm so sorry it's so late!


thanks for the cd. got it today. i will be listening on the way up north this weekend


Hey! Thanks for the CD! Don't worry about the tracklisting-- I actually made the best of it and had sort of a funny dinner party game at a friend's house where we went through the whole CD and tried to guess what each song was. Some of them we got right away, some we found through google, and a few (like the instrumentals) we were completely stumped over! So it's good to see it in full on your page. Thanks again for the music and the accidental fun.


Hey, got the CD - nice stuff. I did notice the tracklisting was missing, but I'll just get it from your page. Thanks again for sharing!


haha, I'm really glad you like it. Sorry about the crappy case


firefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefirefire! Hehehehe that's cool.


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