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Always remember you're unique........... just like everyone else.

About Me

"Friendship is born at the moment one person says to another: 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one.'" (C.S. Lewis)

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Yabby You** Warren Zevon** Queen Godis** Andy White** Al Green** Billy Joe Shaver** Mark Heard** Withered Hand** Bobby Womack** Lee Hazlewood** The Blasters** King Creosote** Prince Far I** Merle Haggard** Nick Lowe** Townes Van Zandt** Nick Drake** Johnny Cash** Chip Taylor** Paul Burch** Lots of reggae artists

Favorite Albums

Yabby You - 'Jesus Dread'

Yabby You - 'Deliver Me From My Enemies'

Jay McShann - 'Just A Lucky So And So'

Bob Dylan - 'Nashville Skyline'

Al Green - 'Box Set'

Withered Hand - 'Good News'

Withered Hand - 'New Gods'

The Blasters - 'Testament'

Thomas Frazer - 'You And My Old Guitar'

Levon Helm - 'Electric Dirt'

Chet Baker - 'It Could Happen To You'

Ronnie Earl - 'Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads'

John Prine - 'In Spite Of Ourselves'

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Life Is Not A Rehearsal

One body - respect it. One mind - use it. One life - live it.

Life's Rich Tapestry

The old, ripped and tattered version!

All Killer, No Filler

"To all those unaquainted with the 'Power You', I'd like to say welcome. To all those familiar, welcome back". (Queen Godis)

All Mixed Up

Self explanetory!

Smooth Soul

This one's as smooth as a pint of Guinness and it's good for you too. C'mon, c'mon, take a sip!

Dreams and How to Interpret Them

The feel of the mix seems to suggest a dreamlike quality. Musically it's a bit off the beaten track, which is strange, 'cause normally I'm an 'on the beaten track' kinda guy. HELP!

Roots Mix

I called this one 'Roots Mix', but it's not deep roots as such. It touches on different styles within the reggae genre and ventures in and beyond Jamaica. It's got a nice 'uppy' feel.

Well Travelled

Although this musical journey does a little bit of genre and global meandering, it is essentially a journey of the heart (as all good journeys are) and you know where that can take you! Enjoy the ride!

Let It All Hang Out

When I say 'Let It All Hang Out' I mean more in a hillbilly hoedown kinda way rather than Austin Powers! I was thinking about that place where soul, country, blues and folk music all meet. So loosen your collar, slacken your waistband, relax and let it all hang out!


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Dude! Mucho apologies for the severe delay in your Sept mix. It is on its way!!


October Mix is in the mail and on its way to ya.


Oh.& there was a lovely track on the radio the other week by Nick Drake's mum- you got any of her stuff?


Mmn, definately Danny.My E-mail is hjdillinger23@gmail.com.Send your address & I'll post something along. Stay Cool.Enjoy the longest day. Jonny


Thanks, Danny, for the mix. It really HIT the spot. Peace!


Its on the way, Danny.


nice mix! rootsy but lighthearted. the only song i already knew was Old Old Fashioned and it's excellent!


Sent through a mix via drop box and supporting emails. Wouldn't mind a listen to 'let it all hang out' It's the picture that draws me into this. (Nothing of a fetishistic nature I assure you). Some interestingly titled tracks in there too. chris_i_h@hotmail.com. 22/03/14


Hiya Danny. Got Dreams and How To Interpret Them the other day and it's still sinking in nicely. Some great stuff on here. Very Scottish feel to it. Is that James from Twilight Sad and Alasdair Roberts on the Fruit Tree Foundation tracks? Love me some King Creosote as well. Saw him perform with Withered Hand last week at SXSW. Cheers for the great mix!


Ah... Walter.... Yes he does seem to like my stuff. An honour for me given his history on here. I'll have a look at your mixes when i get a minute. on facebook, the group is 'soundcutter'. Only a small group. No track listings as such, I've always shunned track listings as the overall experience of a mix is more important to me than who the stuff is by. I've had to tow the line on here though.


Actually i do recognise you, have i sent you a mix, my assignment history says not. If i have, what mix was it ? Chris 10/03/14


I see your comment on my profile telling me to expect something soon but I don't know how long ago you left the comment. I'm sure I don't have a mix from you but maybe your comment is very recent.


Hi Danny - Just picked up your message. I too am intrigued to know how you know about my stuff as I've never published any listings on this site. I have a group on facebook called 'soundcutter' which is where I put up stuff about the mixes that I do. I'm about to send out by email through dropbox sharing the last ten years of mixes, so if you send me your email, I'll add you to that list. I'll probably put one out about once every three months or so. I only do about one mix a year, because they take months to produce, so although there's ten years worth, it's probably only about 9 mixes or so. Nice to have some positive feedback once in a while, even if it is from someone who's never heard the stuff. I rarely get comments on this site. Bit soul destroying really, Probably deactivate membership in a few months time. Send me your email address. Chris 08/03/14


Cheers fella...a great mix for to start 2014! Sid RJ ;-)


Thanks for the soul mix Danny and the reworked reggae - what a treat. I have playing them solidly, love them both. Cheers!


Ta for the update disc Danny. That was really thoughtful. Happy Hogmanay.

Thomas J

Danny, Thank you for the mix... Artists will sometimes will drop out of your spectrum for awhile, wonder around to other ears, and when they pop up again it is nice to rediscover, like a lost puppy that matured while you were away. So thank you, thank you for reintroducing me to King Creosote.


Danny, I'm compelled to write as your disc arrived today. So far, I've only read the note, but it bears comment upon. I'm humbled to know that the population of Anstruther were assembled on its white sandy beaches bidding my cd "cheerio" in the traditional Local Hero last scene style. Please also let everyone know that I've melted down the gold lined box and am now sporting a grill on my teeth that would convince L'l Wayne that he'd overdone the drank. I'll comment later on the very appreciated disc. Cheers. Steve


Hi Danny, I like the cut of your jib and am more than happy to side trade with you. Let's talk. wallydehonk@hotmail.com


Likewise Danny, I'm delighted with your reggae mix - there's a whole host of tracks that I've not heard before and every one is stellar! Cheers!


Yep, Denny that would be great to engage in a little side-trade action. Send me an email at smedd1@comcast.net and we can exchange details. Steve.


Hi Danny! I'm definitely up for a side-trade. Send me your address to: mrtgb5@aol.com and let's make it happen. I'll make it funky for ya - and I'll take some reggae in return please! cheers!


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