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Too much of June spent watching the Matildas and our women play in the WWC in Canada while the month of June melted away. Your mix, in the mail without fail on Monday, Kerrie. Steve


Just a quick IMP nod to say thanks for the mix and for getting in touch to say you got it....Sid


your november mix goes in the mail tomorrow. hopefully it doesn't take too long to get to you from Texas. This time around, my iPod sort of did the work for me. the 1st of the month was a saturday and i got up at noon and just sat around drinking coffee and letting my ipod randomly shuffle. It gave me such a long string of songs that i was in the mood for at the moment that i just transferred them to a disc.


Apologies--I did send your mix a few days late! I hope it has arrived by now; if you don't get it within a few days, please let me know and I'll send another copy. I have no excuse other than absent-mindedness. I hope it's worth the wait!