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The Good Life

Feelings. Barf.


The Twenty Somethings

An attempt to capture the early twenties experience

A Bridge to Cross The Ocean

A (early) mixtape full of songs with excellent bridges, as well as having a bridge within it's structure.


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i re-upped my membership last month and i swear i never got the assignment email, so i'm only just now getting your mix in the mail because i just came here to comment on my november recipient and saw that i did indeed have an october person. i made the mix on the 1st of nov. i was being lazy at home and letting my ipod randomly shuffle and it gave me a good run of songs that already sounded like a good mix so i put them on a disc. hope it gets to you quickly.


10/28: I am your September submitter. Got a bit behind but a double CD should be in the mail by tomorrow. -James


Apologies for missing last month. Two mixes are on your way right now. Hope you enjoy them.