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Just another pleeb.

About Me

Maggots in the iron lung won't copulate. - GD

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sooo many, including: the mekons - devils rats and Piggies: a special message from godzilla, ween - the oneness, miles davis - bitches brew, bloc party - silent alarm, dogbowl - flan, beastie boys - paul's boutique, the police - synchronicity, magnetic fields - 69 love songs, the smiths - louder than bombs, devo - duty now for the future, the cure - disintegration, jimi hendrix - axis: bold as love, de la soul - 3 feet high and rising, red house painters - red house painter, marvin gaye - the master box set, baby bird - box set, violent femmes - violent femmes, otis redding - the very best, ozzy - diary of a madman, rem - fables of the reconstruction, beg, scream & shout! - the big ol' box of 60's soul boxed set, marley and the wailers - anything, madness - divine madness, bowie - hunky dory, thelonious monk - straght no chaser, ben folds five - whatever and ever amen, the fall - live at the witch trials, mission of burma - vs, daniel johnston - yip! jump music, galaxie 500 - this is our music, they might be giants - tmbg, queensryche - operation mindcrime, dr. octagon - dr. octagon, my morning jacket - z, sam cooke - live at harlem square, big star - #1/radio city, deerhoof - milk man, public enemy - fear of a black planet, rush - hold your fire, queen - a night at the opera, radiohead - ok computer, prince - prince, sonic youth - daydream nation, michelle shocked - texas campfire tapes, jane's addiction - nothing's shocking ,richard thompson - rumor and sigh, iron maiden - number of the beast, the pogues - hell's ditch, new order - power corruption & lies, depeche mode - some great reward, luna - bewitched, the cult - electric, rolling stones - some girls, the shins - oh inverted world, love - forever changes, morrissey - kill uncle, soundgarden - badmotorfinger, dio - holy diver, broken social scene - you forgot it in people, tom waits... donovan...

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From 2005-->2009: Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones, Donovan, Cracker, Sinead, Pere Ubu, Dinosaur Jr\Lou Barlow\Bob Mould, Gordon Lightfoot, & Chick Corea.



2007-03-10 19:30:34


Burst of 2009

Scraping the barrel for songs released in 2009

greatest hits of 2007!

Songs are neither hits nor from 2007... They are not so great songs that i enjoyed in 2007 though.

third place

some pretty good track 3s.

On Point

Some first tracks i enjoy.


take one.


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Got the mix. It's great. Thanks a lot.


Hi Eric - just sent your Sept mix this morning, along with a bonus disc to atone for my lateness!


hi, i'm away from home for a couple of months and won't be able to make a mix for you until the end od August, sorry


You are my April assignment, apologies the mix is late, but I hope to have it posted this week


Hi Eric - Thanks for your feedback re october mix. As much as I would love to take the feedback for this creation I can't because you got the wrong Nikki from NZ. However glad to hear you loved our country - and its music!


Hi Eric, just to let you know your feb mix was sent from London today (16th Feb). I hope you like it - let me know!


Got it. So you are real, Thanks much. Will be spinning it this week.


Still using the olde "wife having a baby" excuse for being late. It's not like you are having a baby. ;). it's all good. Get it when you can. I'll refrain from giving you the blackmark.


hey eric, thanks so much for the July mix. really liking it. thra ka band...black keys...similar much? damn, those cambodians sure cld psych.


cheers for june mix - listening to it at this very moment. and what a beautifully creepy image on the cd - love it.


I'm just like all the rest- Late. The july mixedtapey is (almost) in the mail. Sowee!


Your June mix is going to be ever so slightly late. Sorry.


Hey Eric, I'm your mixer for this month, but finals are getting the best of me and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it out by the end of the month. I'll get it to you as soon as I can. Sorry!


Thanks for the Dec mix. It's really good. Enjoying it a lot. Several things I had not heard that are right up my alley.


Hey Eric-- a bit delayed in getting the Dec. to you, but its going in the mail on Monday...


hey man!! just got your november mix here in rainy wales! It rocks! good choice of music. ciao Alex


It seems your september mix has been eaten by the mail man. Another on its way soon!


I've actually moved back to North Carolina from Boston in the last week. Does that change the menu? Should I be eating a pulled pork sandwich and a buttermilk biscuit? Although, now that I think about it, a turkey burger is sounding really good.


Hey, it's now August 2009 and I just wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying your August 2008 mix in my kitchen for an entire year now. Sorry I didn't say thank you sooner. Happy mix-iversary! Some of my favorites: "Start!"-The Jam, the Michael Ian Black bit about Duran Duran, "I Wish I Could Keep You"-Little Pictures. thanks again.


Eric, Your mix arrived today. I got the chance to listen to it while going to fill up my propane tank. So far so good. A nice mix of known and unknowns for me. This is certainly a keeper!


I just acknowledged receiving your mix. I wasn't sure which month you were. I received a few replacement mixes in the past month due to a few deadbeats not sending them so I kind of got mixed up with everything. I look forward to actually receiving your mix.


Hi Eric. Your June mix has gone out today, waaaay too late. I'm really sorry for this, but it was due to a, sort-of, "IMPer's Block." I hope you enjoy it.


No worries! Happy summer!


Hi Eric, Thanks for your march mix- i love it! esp the richard hawley track and nick lowe. cheers for that one. Nat :)


you are forgiven! i'm looking forward to it.


Hey Eric. Thanks for the mix! I am guessing the theme was all track 13's - is that right? (or going around again if there was only ten...? ) I'mnot sure, but it was cool cd art and some good tracks on there too...nicely done. Thank man, keep it up. MxBx


Ace mix Eric* Silver Jews & Amsterdam Klezmer Band especial favourites* More later*Thanks Jon*


eric, thanks. best to you and your wife and your baby. very exciting! my little man will be year and a half in dec. non- stop laughs, it's the best. enjoy!


Eric-you can find me at emmab4@shaw.ca


Whadda think about a swap? Lemme know...


Hi Eric- Thanks so much for the May mixtape, even if it came in June. I really enjoyed it--in fact, it's one of the best mixes I've heard. I used to love Prefab Sprout back in the 80's and it still holds up. Thanks again. Elisa


Eric - thanks a zillion for the mix. :) I'm just starting to listen to it right now .. LOVE the cd art.. :) some of the stuff I haven't heard before - so it's great! That's the whole point - to experience new stuff! Rock on - sorry you had to pick up the slack! Keep on rockin' maybe you'll get one from me one day!


Hey Eric, glad you liked the mix! Especially that Superchunk song. What did you think of the Richard Hawley track? I admit, that's the only Campbell I have... all credit to the person who threw it up on an MP3 blog, they knew a lot more of his catalog than I do.


I liked the mix! the first song by Adem is fantastic.


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