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About Me

20, MA born, Ca Raised, I'm the one one in the red shirt in the pic... in case you were wondering. Baker by day, Xbox 360 gamer by night and a furry in between. BMX rider. Fat ass. Too many white hairs to be a 21 year old.

Favorite Songs

Johnny Appleseed- Joe Strummer, Rudie Can't Fail- The Clash, Tropical London & Wrongful Suspicion by Rancid

Favorite Artists

Rancid, Joe Strummer,Jools Holland, Billy Bragg, Tiger Army, Brian Setzer

Favorite Albums

... And Out Come The Wolves

Recent Concerts

Not So Silent Night


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A mix I threw together for a friend in NY

Mix 1

The SF Weekly

Easier Listening

IMP 1/07


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Nice mixes there, you can't go wrong with Joe Strummer. Have you heard the Setzer/Strummer song Guitar Slinger?? Let me know if you're into doing a side trade.


O>M>G>! I just now got it! Your cover photo is from Coachella '06? Fantastic! I met you and your friends at Coachella '06! The one fellow in your group was dressed as a doggie with a doggie head and everything! I was escorting my friend HOTSHOT the robot! You and your friends were great! I would love to side trade with you. I have a new set of music which is in tribute to my favorite thing in the world (besides robots) BURNING MAN!


Thanks for getting your mix out so quick. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Hi Jen - Sorry that you have not gotten your mix yet. I've been balancing making it with finishing the semester. I'll drop it in the mail in the next few days. RabbIT Gary


Hi Jen, you were my Feb. assignment and alas I forgot that February is a ludicrously short month. Now it's March and I'm sure you're wondering wtf with my mix. Well, It's on its way and I hope you enjoy it -josie