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Thomas J

Replacement IMPer

About Me

Tunes and Food. I write sometimes, cook sometimes, but music is always in my life.

Favorite Songs

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Favorite Artists

The National, Andrew Bird, Babybird, Sound Team, Mountain Goats, Yo La Tengo, New Year, Muse, Patty Griffin, Elbow, Wedding Present, The Dears, Micah P. Hinson, Okkervil River,Thomas Newman, Carter Burwell, Wagner, Robot Ate Me, Robyn Hitchcock, Rufus Wainwright, Peter Gabriel, Clem Snide, Stars, Tom McRae, Mumford & Sons, Jon Hopkins, Blind Pilots, Stars of the Lid, Doves, Fruit Bats, Plants and Animals, Deer Tick, Typhoon, M83, Phantogram

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Seeing National at the Bill Graham Aud. in Dec.


Currently there are no blogs published.


Nightwolf: T-Minus Apoc

TV Pitch that never got off the ground.

Bleeding Patriots

These are not "I hate my president" songs persay, more I love my country but am concerned where it is going.

Marine Life

These are the Dave's I know I know...

I got this idea from the cover. My friend Dave sent me his picture with his signature in response to a conversation we had about celebrities headshots in public places. Enjoy and send me some more Daves to listen to.

Numbers: Replacement Mix

I send this out as replacement sometimes. It seems there is always some sense of play when songs have numbers in them.

The Scores

I have sent this one out a few times, not sure of the response but I find scores to be underrated. I picked these scores over others because I feel they can stand alone (though the movies they are attached to are pretty good as well) I will keep sending it out now and then for a change of pace.

Love Hurts Part 2

See "Love Hurts Part 1"

Love Hurts Part 1

I had been cooking up this one for months and what a great mix for Valentines. These are not hateful songs (most of them anyway) but songs about the loneliness of love. Ironically I am really happy with my love life right now, but these songs have consoled me in the past.


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Hi Thomas, your mix will be sent out early next week (better late than never I guess). Sorry for the delay! Cheers


Hey, Thomas: Maybe I'll become one of the Dave's you know you know. Got your Road Most Travelled disc. Very good, I quite liked it. Especially the Vintage Trouble, Caught A Ghost and Augustines tracks. Did not know them, so lots of new stuff for me. Turns out you were my Sept. mix too; so you should be receiving the one I sent you anytime know.


Hi Thomas, your April mix left Sydney today (April 10th)


Hi Thomas, your February mix is ready to be mailed on Monday. My apologies for it being late. Hope you enjoy!


Hey Thomas, Greetings from Scotland. You are my first IMP assignment! So, a mix will be winging it's way across the Atlantic shortly. Hope it hits the spot. Cheers, Danny


August 13 mix was posted on Saturday from the UK.


Hi Thomas, your December CD was posted from the UK today. Cheers, Gary


It never fails. You report that you didn't get the month's mix in the morning and in the evening, it's delivered in the mail. Thanks. It's tasty looking. Steve


Got the mix today, thanks for the bonus mix!!


Hola Tom, In theory your mix should be arriving to your place any day. Enjoy.


Got it...ta!


Having sampled a fair few of your replacement mixes over the years it was a real pleasure to be your mixtaper for December. Your CD went in the post from London today (15th December) - hope you like it!


You're the one who made me the NY I Love You mix, right? Really enjoying "New York Love" by the Sunsets currently. Just thought I'd let you know.


OK Thomas* Looking forward to that*Jon*


Hi TJ - thanks very much for the replacement and the additional mix! They just arrived today, so I will give them both a good listen before giving feedback. Cheers!




Hey Thomas. Got your CD this morning - the tracklisting is great and I put straight in my stereo, expecting Nigel Godrich to begin massaging my ear drums ... only to find that you sent me a blank disc :( If there's any chance you could resend, I'd be really grateful. I can offer up a side trade in return if you're interested?


Hi Thomas. 13th June, I just got an email from Ryan to say my May mix from you is a little late but it's on it's way. That's great - looking forward to getting it. By the look of your profile it should be a good one, hope it comes soon ;) cheers Martin


Hi Thomas, received the April replacement mix today. Many thanks.


hey thomas, i got your january mixes today and i looooove them, thanks! i didn't have any of the songs from "guitar dudes" already, which is awesome! oh and i saw that you're from SF and i was wondering if you were part of the SF mixtape society? my friend bret is in it and he loves it.


Got your mixes!! Really looking forward to listening to them. More later.


Hi Thomas, I put your June mix in the mail on Saturday (7/3) and it should make its way to you in the next couple of days. Sorry about the delay! Hope you enjoy the mix! Ashley


Thomas, Your May mix is going in the post today. It's coming from Manchester in the U.K so it may take a couple of weeks to arrive. Hope you like it! Andy


That's great to hear, glad you got it and it's already earned a couple of hearings. Hope there's a few more in it and it provides some suitable accompaniment for your holidays though I'm not sure I'd like to be on the kind of holiday it could soundtrack!


Hullo Sir. Is it possible you have received one waaaay late mix and one waaay apologetic bonus disc in the mail? I hope so, and I really hope you like them. MxBx


Hey Thomas, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that your mixtape for January is coming. I know it's going to get to you way late considering it's February already, but last month was a crazy one for me (took the GRE, applied for fellowships, etc.) so yeah, the month got away from me. Again, I apologize; you should get it sometime this week!


Thomas, Your two mixes for November arrived today. Halfway through Fire and Ice and really enjoying it. If you've any preference for the cover art then feel free to send me a link. Happy New Year, Andy


hey Mr Carlson. I thought I had already left you a comment recently actually, because you sent me a replacement mix a month ago, which was great - I really enjoyed it. Sorry I never got back to you earlier. i am a bit all over the shop at the moment - building/moving house. I finished your mix last week and have been trying to print off the artwork at my work but it's not working properly. I'll be all unpacked in my new house in a couple of weeks, but to stave off the anticipation here is a link for you to download it now if you want it. I will send you the cd version as soon as I can. http://www.sendspace.com/file/s32qh2. enjoy! MxBx


No problems at all. I'll look forward to recieving them and let you know when they arrive. Thanks in advance Andy


Have a NISE Day arrived today, an excellent mix, many thanks


9/22: I sent your September mix out today. Judging from your recent concerts, we seem to have similar tastes. In fact, I have a (slightly) hard to find Mountain Goats song and a live Robyn Hitchcock (with Grant Lee Phillips a few years back) song in this mix.


Thanks very mcuh for the National mix, it's a good listen. I recognise 'Fake Empire' as well as 'Mr November'. They remind me quite a bit of Wintersleep.


... and hey! i have a replacement CD from you from last month. it's great! the one i'm sending you is the kind with nothing new on it but which is more tied to the mood i'd been in leading up to its creation. Things that had been riding around in the disc changer over the course of the month.


your mix is done but i keep forgetting to buy a padded envelope to mail it. you'll be seeing it soon


I received the National mix this morning, Thomas, and I'll give it a listen tonight. Thanks very much.


Thanks, I'll try and give Alligator a listen.


Glad you liked the mix, Tom, as I hoped you would. I keep meaning to hear more of the National as I heard 'Mr November' (on a trailer for a TV programme) and liked it. Am I right in thinking that The Boxer is the album you would recommend I listen to first?


Hi Tom. Your February mix went in the post today; I hope you like it.


Hello. Forgive the spammy nature of this, but I've got to spread the word. I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on last.fm. Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project. I started a topic thread that I hope will be a pretty good start to the year and a nice discussion. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


Thomas, I'm glad the mix reached appreciative ears. Now that you've seen my music tastes- and thus my heart- do you know of any new amazing music out there?


Thanks for the mix AND the compliment. Both are greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!!


Thanks for the mix! Great stuff all totally new to me so that is brilliant!


Thanks Thomas J.! I really appreciate the re-placement mix in my summer of I.M.P. misses. Don't worry, I'll personally flame each and every mixer who flakes on their mix mission.


I am glad to know that you like the mixes. Yes, 2006. I still listen to those mixes from back then and have used several songs on my own mixes. Dig your photo!


Crap, I meant note-perfect of course!


Hey Thomas, Thanks for filling in and sending me the Bleeding Patriots mix. It's not perfect in the selection of songs and I really appreciate the mix-taping craft. Mix-taping is an art and you're a high practitioner. Cheers! Steve


I am crazy about your photo, by the way. You?


thank you so much for the calamity replacement mix. boy, you sure are ambitious! A short story as song list?! Sorry it took so long for me to respond, but I was flabbergasted... really, thanks.


You get your mix yet? Hope you like it.


Thomas, Glad you liked mix. I thought a trans-atlantic paper would be an interesting padding material! All the best for new year,. Vinny.


Your December '07 mix is on it's way. Merry Christmas!


Thomas. You were my first mixtape, October 2007 just gone. I was eagerly awaiting my own delivery of my first IMP and it never came!!! aaghh!! Some lazy scally wag forgot about me.. What can i do. Checked my profile. had correct address in there so no problems with that. Can i email the person who was to send me their mix to remind them?> By the way hope you liked the mix. Very rough, but hopefully a few new tunes in there for you. Picked a few Irish artists that are doing well over here. Cheers. Vinny.


Thanks for the Daves! My boyfriend and I got a chuckle from your friends picture...we figured it had to be a friend or enemy of yours since it would be pretty self-centered and really creepy if you used your own picture. But anyways, I thought it was a great mix. The only thing that could've made it better would be Bruce McCullough singing "These are the Dave's I know" from Kids In The Hall!


Thanks for the replacement mix! WOOT! :)


Wonderin' if I could get a haircut like your bread eatin' friend there.


the wedding present segueing into greg peterson? david gedge would be flattered.

Ryan Mixtape

Thomas is my early pick for IMP MVP 2007. This guy has immeasurable energy for mixtaping and is getting well-deserved kudos left and right. Keep it up!


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