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DJ Taz

About Me

There's nothing better than mining for audio gold - shoving and sifting through tons of dross and chaff until - viola! - you hit a rich vein of sonic goodness. It's never been easier to discover new bands. Satellite radio and Pandora.com are great tools.....Speaking of tools (yes, I know I'm setting myself up lol), any CD you receive from me will be professionally mixed. No random and lazy tossing of tracks on a disc allowed here.

Favorite Songs

Autolux - Great Day For The Passenger Element, Blanket; Cake - Guitar; Hot Hot Heat - You Owe Me An I.O.U., Middle of Nowhere; Beck - No Complaints, System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B., Toxicity; The Clash - Janie Jones, Pressure Drop, Rudie Can't Fail, This Is Radio Clash; Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun; X - Nausea (Live In L.A.), LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, North American Scum, Watch The Tapes; New Pornographers - Letter From An Occupant; Silver Sun Pickups - Lazy Eye; Dandy Warhols - Godless; Primal Scream - Movin' On Up; Radiohead - The National Anthem; Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash, Missed the Boat

Favorite Artists

X, Beck, Cake, Autolux, The Clash, Alice In Chains, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, David Bowie, R.E.M., Hot Hot Heat, Talking Heads, Cornershop, LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, Black Mountain, Stone Roses, Pinback

Favorite Albums

Too Many To List

Recent Concerts

I've seen over 60 shows. Beck, Alice In Chains, Cake, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,LCD Soundsystem at 9:30 Club in DC (AWESOME!), X at the TLA in Philly are the most recent (none of these are *really* recent, unfortunately)


Music Industry Needs to Observe the Drug Dealer

2008-11-18 01:21:01


Progressive/Underground Hip-Hop #2

A new progressive hip-hop CD. Mostly new(er) stuff, some old stuff.

"What the @##$&! is This?"

A collection of bizarre tracks. Short but sweet!

Manchester Faves - Volume #1

If you're wondering why there's no Oasis on here - it's because I can't stand them (for the most part). Maybe on Volume #2......

Techno #2

***NEW AND IMPROVED! ***As much as I like the first techno mix, I think this one beats it. Not as much creative cutting and pasting on this one, but still some sweet transitions.... (1/11/10 - revised for the 21st time: Groove Armada is gone, Spekrfreks takes their place. Guess I should change the mix photo)

Stalking, Death & Desperation

A couple months ago, I threw a number of new tracks I was getting into on a CD. No big deal, but then I noticed all of them dealt with stalking, death, and/or desperation. Turned into a nice mix.....

The Curmudgeon's Soundtrack (Newer & Cruder)

Shares tracks with the 'older & surlier' version. The material is much newer and heavier.

IMP Hell!!!

Halloween is here, and so is hell in your IMP!

Garage Rock

The genesis of this mix occurred after hearing The Constantines and Sunparlour Players tracks played back-to-back on XM. 'Sweet tracks, great segue - something could be built around that'. But nothing happened until I switched on Steven Van Zandt's Sirius/XM garage rock channel for a couple hours and was infused with further inspiration. I know - Bowie isn't garage rock (not by a long shot), but Panic in Detroit fits perfectly here. Killing Joke isn't either, but they inspired a zillion garage bands, at least around here. PS - going to throw another Kinks track in after 'Around the Dial', not sure which one yet....

The Curmudgeon's Soundtrack (Older & Surlier)

Not to sound pretentious, but this mix took a life of it's own. It just used me to finish it. It originally just had a 'curmudgeon' theme, but it turned into, well, a 'concept album'. So much for avoiding pretention (sigh). But if you do receive this one, I hope you enjoy it. There's almost nothing new, or even recent here, unlike all my other mixes. But everything just fits....

Red Eyes, White Knuckles & 50 miles To Go

I work third shift (11p - 7a), AND have a 50 mile drive each way. Sometimes this mix is the only thing that keeps me awake on the road until I get home. My mixes are almost never lyrically themed, but sequed by beat/rhythm. All of these songs have a good, driving beat (pun intended) that keeps you moving, eating white highway dashes like a rabid Pac Man.

Progressive/Underground Hip-Hop

The hip-hop CD for people who hate hip- hop. Most of these tracks are underground. All of these artists take a more creative and/or socially conscious approach to their music. This version is slightly different than one created a couple months ago, as my PC crashed and I couldn't recover certain tracks (i.e. Q-Tip's Let's Ride). But two Peeping Tom tracks are added and a different J Dilla/Pharcyde track is here. UPDATE 1/21/08: Managed to recover Q-Tip, and also added Jamie Lidell's "A Little Bit More" (which was also on the original mix).


All but one of these tracks were supposed to be on other mixes, but were dropped for one reason or another. Ironically, they came together to form a decent mix on their own.

Techno Mix

Nothing Deep about this mix. Just put together an assortment of techno tracks, some lite, some dark, most of them dancable. But overall, selected for their 'mixability'. This isn't my deepest mix, but it is my most popular among friends, family, etc......

holistic medicine mix

whenever i'm sick, i place this cd twice and, uh, call someone in the morning...bad joke notwithstanding, it actually works. for a couple people and myself, anyhow


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Great. Looking forward to gettin' 'em.


Hi Ron A special surprise is heading your way!Trish


That's okay. I understand Plato kept crib notes hewn into a slap marble. So if he can do it....


Did you get that thing I sent ya?


I sent an email to your normal inbox, or so i thought? My email is sittlington @ yahoo . co . uk


saw your post...sent you an email


Jim Carrey doing a late stage, Jim Morrison-like character at some MTV Awards show


As Gowan said; "You are a strange animal." My email is david.haw@cogeco.ca Contact me and we'll exchange addresses.


Ron: Would you be up for a side trade?


Hi Ron I have a new email address trishmull77@comcast.net I no longer use hotmail.if you get any emails from someone posing as me on hotmail spam it or delete it.my hotmail account got phished.dang it! Trish


Oooh. Deal!


Hehe, thank you. ;)


I will be happy to send you a copy of the Music To Purify mix along with my just finished Christmas mixes. Look for them next week.


Hi Ron! I got your mixes today and am pretty excited about them, thank you! Many of the artists are new to me. I will listen this week and give you more feedback later.


Got your mixs,thankyou muchly. Anything with the rapture on is good in my book! Gave me good stuff to listen to on journeys in and out of our wonderful capital, london


I think you might have emailed me, and I think I might have deleted your email! Try again please if that was you. Thanks!


Hey Ron, a side trade would be cool. I'm a little intimidated by your "professionally mixed" tracks though... hopefully you won't be disappointed. My email is webe0388@umn.edu -Jenny


Was kickin' out the Prog Hip Hop mixes the other day and they get better every time I play them.


Thanks Ron-- looking forward to it.


Lionel had all the cred in the world until he went solo. Then the slaughter began.


Your Garage Rock mix looks fantastic. Besides the radio channel Van Zandt has, he also has a weekly show syndicated with a theme of some sort. Check out his website and you can listen to any show and also check out the playlist along with info on the band, song, etc. Bowie is a little garage rock, the Ziggy Stardust album is definitely garage material to me.


hi ron, I've had your mix cd's from march for quite a while now, but have not got around to listening to them... on first review the track list on both of them looks to be a bit harder than what I am used to, but I love the idea of garage rock. I will post some feedback once I've listened to both... thanks for being so generous!


Got your mix (sorry didn't see my comments until now)- awesome! Thanks.


Hi If your the Ron from PA I sent your mix out yesterday!Id love to get feedback onhow you like it.Trish


your rather fab feb mix is in the post...bizarre that i pull you outta the hat just a month or so after you had me as a recipient! do give it some props. sid


Hello. Forgive the spammy nature of this, but I've got to spread the word. I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on last.fm. Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project. I started a topic thread that I hope will be a pretty good start to the year and a nice discussion. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


Hi Ron, glad you got the mix alright. Hope you'll enjoy giving it a listen or two. The mix is from Denmark.

Just another Bloody David

Hi Ron Loved the mix, just see you peering out of those red rimmed eyes at the line as it snakes along the road. Stay safe matey, and watch out for bears! J.A.B. David


Your Red Eyes mix is excellent. I love the Elbow opening track and the Phantom Planet tune is a new favorite. Maybe eating some Little Suzi's cupcakes will help those red eyes.


Hey Ron, Just letting you know your December mix was sent out today.


Thanks for the tip. I will keep my eyes and ears open for Avalanches. I have heard of them but not their sounds. Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the compliment on the Christmas mixes. I always have fun making them. Can't believe I have made 14 of them. You're traveling mix looks great. I can't imagine driving that much everyday. Happy Holidays and here's to future trading!


hi, your november mix will be bit late, sorry!


It might cause me to get a speeding ticket or two, such is the greatness of your mix! RJ - Sid


Got the mixes today! Haven't spun them yet. Thanks man.


I'm a putz, I assumed it was your disc, but it was one of my brothers. Sorry.


Hey man, got the mix. Haven't spun it yet, just thought I'd let you know!


Yeah, sorry man; still nothing.


I did receive the techno mix. It's great. Thanks so much!


Thanks for the compliment. I tried to make the mix fun as possible. Have you heard of Handsome Boy Modeling School? Killer stuff that would be well suited for a future Prog Hip-Hop. Mike Patton even shows up on one of their albums.


Just finishing up the prog hip hop mix# 2. Sick mix, man. Lots of artists that I like and a couple new ones. I'd love to hear your techno mix. Were you using dj software?


Ron I got Hip-Hop #2 today and it is excellent! Love the DJ Format with the crew from J5 and Atmosphere's stuff is killer. All of it will be on my playlist for a long time along with #1. Anytime you wanna trade again, give me a shout. Thank you!


Ron, I would love a copy of the new hip-hop mix. I still groove to the one you sent me; "Black Stacey" gets stuck in my mind a lot (in a good way). I'll send ya my "Grumpy Old Man". It is full of sound bites and my friends have given me great reviews.


The Bizarre mix is awesome!!! Great job actually mixing the songs! How do you do it? Thanks again!


Good to know that you are enjoying "Pill". I had fun putting that mix together. I am always open for trades. Peace.


Ron, I got your cd in the mail today and I am "kickin' it" right now. I haven't heard that Pharcyde tune in years! All tracks are great but the Peeping Tom stuff is excellent. Thank you for the swap and let me know when you get your mix. Sean


I'm nineteen. I'd love a side trade. E-mail me with details: nicole@nicole-bennett.com


a prescription for a "pill" is not a problem. email me at seanvmcmonagle@hotmail.com for address info.


I would love to get a copy of your hip-hop mix. If you are up for a trade let me know.


why thank you sir! it appears we come from different generations, and our tastes clash a wee bit, but i see some gems in your favorites, as you may see some in mine. alice in chains is a guilty pleasure i have. i was lucky to see "them" play an acoustic set this summer (what a joke without layne!) but yes, the eno, cohen, bowie thing has me goinggg. pinback did a nice song called penelope. it's lovely.


Hey -- isn't Rahzel the human beatbox? He did some great work on Bjork's 'Medulla.' Thanks for the mix.


I'm glad your lady liked it, and I hope you will too. It's good to think about cheap beer and one light bulb and standing on a sagging porch with a bunch of people between sets. And the bathroom line and free buttons. Yay!


Your mixtape is late! But I'm sure you've already noticed. Expect it in a few days, and forgive me. I'm a noob.

Jane Everyman

I LOVE ROADKILL. thanks for the comment, sweetie.


Hey- Mix came! It looks awesome, I've been eying hip-hop longingly from a distance but have yet to immerse myself. Thanks!

Hey Ron. Got the hip-hop yesterday. Love it....thanks! And also thanks for the Cornershop recommendation. I'll check it out on Lala & give it a shot...Rochelle


Ahh...mailbox camp-out...no pneumonia yet. :) I wanted to send you another mix but misplaced (or, you know, lost) your addy. Let me know if you're interested in it...it has your name on it and everything. <3 Kat


Great hip-hop mix. Is this October or September?


Ooo, sorry to hear about your PC! But I will be watching my mailbox with anticipation. Kat ^.~


Yay! You got it! :) Really, it is a CD that jumps all over the place~ but I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Your mix has me dancing and dancing and dancing! What fun!! I love all the different songs--especially Mad Dog God Dam. Thank you so much! <3 Sorry it took me forever to get back to you--I've been moving all over this country recently, but I'm now settled again for a bit, and if you're willing, I'd love to send you a mix! Let me know! ~Kat


Hi, the cd came today! Thanks so much - we need new music to keep us motivated in the afternoon. Love the transitions. Thanks for the very thoughtful mix. Angela


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