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Losing the fight against Chronic Nerdiness

About Me

Christine likes moody '80's music, regional Mexican music, and referring to herself in the third person ('cause she's pretentious.)

Favorite Songs

"This Charming Man," "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now," and "Frankly Mr. Shankly" The Smiths; "Perdi Mi Ojo de Venado," "Matenme Porque me Muero," Caifanes; "Desperte," "El Baile y el Salon," Cafe Tacuba; "Suelo," "Direccion Contraria," Natalia y La Forquetina; "Letter to Elise," The Cure; "She Sends Kisses," The Wrens; "If I don't write this song, someone I love will die," Hello Saferide; "Amiga Mia," "Cuando Nadie Me Ve," Alejandro Sanz; "Nada Personal," Soda Stereo; "Naci para esto," Gustavo Cerati; "Kikinazo," "Human Disco Ball," Plastilina Mosh; and many more.

Favorite Artists

In no particular order: Caifanes/Jaguares, The Smiths, The Cure, The Clash, Cafe Tacuba, Kinky, Natalia y la Forquetina, Los Abandoned, La Plebe, The Dead Pets, Soda Stereo, Hombres G, Julieta Venegas, Alejandro Sanz, Plastilina Mosh, Catepecu Machu, Fobia, Los Bunkers, Hello Saferide, early Metallica, The Wrens, Intocable, Blondie, Tegan and Sara, Volumen Cero, the list goes on and on.

Favorite Albums

"Ride the Lightning," Metallica; "Casa," Natalia y la Forquetina; "Cuatro Caminos," Cafe Tacuba; "Matenme Porque Me Muero" and "Historia Disco 1 y 2," Caifanes; "The Smiths" and "The Queen is Dead," The Smiths; "No Es Lo Mismo" and "Unplugged," Alejandro Sanz; a lot more that I'm too lazy to type.

Recent Concerts

Intocable, Julieta Venegas/Los Abandoned, La Plebe, The Dead Pets, it hasn't been a very active concert season for me.


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Hi Christine I love the pix of the dog in the darth veader outfit.Did he mind getting dressed up? Thank you foe the laugh.I love it! Trish


Christine~ Do you know what Amy Winehouse's favourite tube station is? ***High Barnet****


Hi Christine! I am your personal DJ for the month of April - for one CD anyway (lol). Going to send you my chill/'holistic medicine' CD. Hope you enjoy it! If you want to see the track listing before I send it, go to my profile...


One more thing. What about; "Mexican Radio"? It's kinda moody and kinda Mexican.


For a second there I thought you meant you learned the term; "emboldens the terrorists" from the Rugrats. I could see Angelica saying that..... There's a great Sinead O'Connor song on the soundtrack to the Rugrats movie(where they go to Paris) that I used to play for my kids during bedtime.


I once had a second copy of a Smith's CD that I sent to a friend and he sent it back to me in disgust. I don't know what bothered me more; his not liking the Smith's or just the fact that he sent the gift back.


Awesome Lil' Doggy Darth Vader. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe