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Grew up in Boston, schooled in Virginia, residing in Los Angeles. Love music, snowboarding, photography, art galleries, and writing.

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The Tuna Melt

2007-02-08 15:10:17


Lenai Down

Relaxing and Cold Maxing in Hawaii made me want to slow my roll a bit.

Oil Slick

Pumped up the heat a bit with this one. A dancy jam packed bundle of funkiness.

A Tribe Called Rarities

Stuck to one artist and collected all of my favorite hard to find Tribe tracks.


Chilled out as usual but this time it's a hip hop sandwich with grooves as the meat n' veggies. There's some remixes in here that flip the originals in a cool new way.

Rear Window

Did this one while crippled at home with a fractured pelvis, hence the hitchcockian title. Electro Dance Rock Explosion with a splash of hip hop to keep things honest.

More Mojitoes

The title hints at the theme. This one's for the pre-party. Getting your drink on and laughing with the crew before invading the bars of the night.

iLL Steps

I was going for an electro cool out vibe on this one mixing electronic-tinged hip hop with some current dancy type groove tracks.


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my friendly mailman brought me my/your Electric Worm mix yesterday. im bringing it with me on vacation - and looking forward to listening to it. thanks.


Your 'iLL STEPS' has an absolutely amazing tracklist!


Found it! So, Shifty arrived and it kicks ass! A really nice mix that starts with hip-hop and transitions outward. Thanks for the time and effort and keep rolling out the tunes... Cheers, Ben