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About Me

I'm a fashion Student from Manchester and amongst other things I love music, having adventures, drinking tea & the occasional gin, walking in the rain, gigs at small venues, festivals...

Favorite Songs

At the moment...

Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John, Shadows of Salford by The Doves, Jesus Came From Outta Space by Supergrass, I dig Everything by David Bowie, Bar Italia by Pulp, Terry By The Hot Puppies

Favorite Artists

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! Yeah! Cold War Kids, Larrikin Love, The Bees, Sounds from the other City fest & The Cribs at the end of May.


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Let The Good Times Roll


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Hiya. Thanks for the rosey January mix. Lots of good stuff on here. I share your love for all things Bowie. And tell your boyfriend that Gimpy the three-legged cat sends his regards.


Me again, it's your September mix BTW!!!!


Hi Rose, apologies I'm just finishing off the cover for your mix. It will be in the post tomorrow. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.


Hi Rose - thanks very much for the Sept mix. It was officially the fastest received and put me to shame, I haven't even started my Sept mix yet! Some great stuff on there too - Florence + the machine, mates of State, black kids. I even like the oh-so-cheesy 'i dig everything' - thank God it wasn't 'the laughing gnome'! Cheers Martin.


Hey Rose, great May mix! Sorry, I really should've logged on/emailed back earlier... When I reported "late" I knew (I KNEW!) it would show up in my mailbox that day. And it did! And it's one of my most fave imp mixes. I knew some of the band names but only knew "Modern Love" (of course). Thanks!!


Your May mix is on the way from Massachusetts. If you are from the red half of Manchester, congratulations and go easy on West Ham on Sunday.


thanks for the feb. mix... it's fantastic. it will keep in good spirits during finals week.