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Soap Disco

About Me

i am a floundering college student.

Favorite Songs

beatles - dear prudence o'valencia - the decemberists

Favorite Artists

third eye blind, pinback, under the influence of giants, m.i.a., goo goo dolls, garbage, beatles, feist, yeah yeah yeahs, sleater kinney, lady sovereign, starlight mints, tom vek, ben kweller, weezer, air, the 303s, the decembrists, eagle eye cherry, hot chip, kill hannah, kimya dawson, la rocca, mint, nada surf, phoenix

Favorite Albums

weezer - pinkerton, ben kweller - sha sha, the beatles - revolver, m.i.a. - arular, pinback - summer in abaddon, phoenix - alphabetical, phantom planet - the guest

Recent Concerts

Paramore, the almost, This Providence, and Love Arcade @ Bowery Ballroom 5/2/07

the Decemberists!

starlight mints


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*mixtape goodness

IMP #1 Jan 07 - NY to MN


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I was just wondering if my cd arrived to you ok thanks


Ya, I know what you mean. At the first Lollapaloza I went to, there was a guy dancing in the crowd wearing a giant feathered head-dress. Cool, but completely distracting.


Don't run from excellence! Chase that rainbow!


Get ye some ballast me bucko. By the by, how were the Mints live? They sound like they would be a blast to hear direct.