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Profile - Howard - International Mixtape Project
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seeking out the taciturn

About Me

Likes: scarlett thomas * sofia coppola * dorothy parker * thomas pynchon * three colours: blue * edward gorey * open-mindedness * chris van allsburg * virginia woolf * emily dickinson philip pullman * rene magritte * mark rothko * mervyn peake * giorgio de chirico * ghost world * abstract expressionism * phenomenology, existentialism, postmodernism * heathers * hanging about, watching the sunset * sweet sad songs * jennifer jason leigh * jean-pierre jeunet * jacques derrida * love and other catastrophes * crushes (literary, brit actress, indie rock) * brideshead revisited * the great gatsby * tigermilk * donna tartt * haruki murakami * wong kar-wai * popsicles in the summer * etc

Favorite Songs

lazy line painter jane

Favorite Artists

belle & sebastian * saint etienne * cocteau twins * my bloody valentine * joy division * velvet underground * galaxie 500 * mazzy star * belly * neil young * neko case * pretty girls make graves * radiohead * r.e.m. * arvo part * philip glass * cat power * gillian welch * wilco * laura cantrell * lucinda williams * aimee mann * arcade fire * astor piazzolla * the sundays * the smiths * the cure * spoon * hem * nellie mckay * goldfrapp * big star * rilo kiley

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

<no longer being updated>

2009 *** jolie holland (13 feb) * neil young & my morning jacket (28 jan) * woven hand (20 jan) *** 2008 *** blonde redhead (31 dec) * final fantasy (11 dec) * emiliana torrini (18 nov) * julie o'hara quintet (19 oct) * joan as police woman (10 oct) * toni childs (1 oct) * goldfrapp (26 sep) * the last town chorus (12 sep) * band of horses (3 aug) * sigur ros (1 aug) * kasey chambers & shane nicholson (9 apr) * smashing pumpkins, jesus & mary chain, modest mouse, queens of the stone age + others @ v festival (5 apr) * patty griffin (28 mar) * wilco & the drones (26 mar) * jens lekman (10 mar) * kelly clarkson (4 mar) * lisa miller (29 feb) * stars (28 feb) * pj harvey (20 feb) * rufus wainwright (1 feb) * spoon (31 jan) * bjork, arcade fire, spoon, kate nash, sarah blasko + others @ big day out (28 jan) *** 2007 *** amanda palmer (13 dec) * joss stone (9 dec) * angie hart (19 oct) * emilie simon & nouvelle vague (7 jul) * lisa miller (20 apr) * wilco (18 apr) * new york dolls, phoenix, jarvis cocker, pixies @ best of v festival (4 apr) * love of diagrams, camera obscura, love is all, the walkmen, peter bjorn & john + others @ st jerome's laneway festival (24 feb) * the audreys, four play @ st kilda festival (11 feb) * neko case (2 feb) * lisa miller, laura veirs, mary gauthier, jen cloher & the endless sea + others @ the harvest festival (20 jan) *** 2006 *** the new pornographers (12 dec) * talvin singh (7 dec) * yann tiersen (29 nov) * kasey chambers (22 nov) * black cab (4 nov) * the crayon fields (29 sep)


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Hey Howard... Just wanted to let you know that I mailed your May mix today. It'll probably take a week or so to get there, but it's on its way! Enjoy.


Hey Howard, Received Your "traditional" Mix the other day, and although at first i found it strange that you put the same songs on the mix more than once, as i began to listen to it, i barely noticed because it had such a great flow. Thanks again. Great mix of songs i wouldn't typically listen to, but really enjoyed!


That March Mix was a cracker.... I love the Talking Heads, can't stop listening to 'This must be the place' at the moment. Cheers from Japan!


I did send a package last month, but since it appears you did not recieve I will send another before this week is out.


I got your Feb mix. It will be out the door by Monday. I am newbie and afraid I will be embarassed by my low tech packaging ways though I can meet the minimum requirements so I will probably just send a 2-fer. May have to get me new printer after all. Hit me up if you have any preferences. Looking forward to it.


Aaack your Dec. mix didn't go out til Jan. 7th and it's coming from Seattle so it might be a bit. Happy New Year!


Hey Howard, I just got your November IMP mix in the mail... and looking over the mix I think I'll like it quite a bit. A neat idea to just throw something together of your 'favs'... I spend too much time dreaming up intricate mixes, and hence am always really late getting a mix together. Will let you know when I've had a chance to listen after the holidays... best from Berlin, Thomas


love the mix you sent for june. it has a great, rich, somewhat psychedelic feel to it. sound quality is awesome too. it's easily one of the best mixes i've received since i've been on IMP


love the mix you sent for june. it has a great, rich, somewhat psychedelic feel to it. sound quality is awesome too. it's easily one of the best mixes i've received since i've been on IMP


hey howard, glad you enjoying the mix. I know what you mean about it some of it sounding 60s although that wasnt my conscious intention at the time! The Mighty Terror track is also from the 60s - i got it off a great Trojan records calypso compilation a few years back. screaming seagull kiss her kiss her should surely be famous for that name alone but nope no-ones heard of them but me lol. Nat :)


Hey Howard Your June mixtape is winging its way to you at this very moment. Seems we like a lot of the same bands so I had to get my thinking cap on and dig out some you might not have heard of! Nat :)


I know I'm criminally behind schedule (yet again), but I'm just writing to let you know that I'll be mailing your May 09 mix from the USA today, June 8. By the way, you've got some lovely bands on your favorites list. I'm a particular fan of Galaxie 500 my mix for you contains lots of stuff in that particular musical vein. Hooray for local rock heroes!


Got your mix today. Don't listen to the radio. You told your story well. Thanks so much.


Enjoyed THE BEAUTIFUL LIGHT MIX - you should post it.


Howard, Sorry to say your august mix will likely be late. I'm sending it 27Aug from the USA. I'm in grad school and have had a tough summer session.


Howard, Your March mix will be in the mail first thing tomorrow. Regards, Rich


hi mate i'm sorry you havent received your mix yet, i posted it a few weeks ago so can only presume its been lost in the post!the uk postal service is crap!!!! anyway ive posted you a replacement mate, hope it gets there and you enjoy, cheers,steve.


is your profile picture a slip from the movie "all about lily chou chou"?


Your "Closing Time" theme cd for June was right on the money.I played it in my car after going to a show the other night,and it captured the mood perfectly. Thank you.


You forgot Miranda July in your list. She seems to fit into the scheme -- if we were making people's "likes" list into some sort of strange program. Figment. Concept. All tastes here work together. Your Profile Photo is a true gem. Just Like Honey is one of the best songs ever, as well. Be well. Be well.


Whew! Such great tastes, young man. I hope IMP forces you to send me a mix at some point. :)


Dear Howard, I'm pleased you enjoyed your 'blue' mix cd. That music got under my skin many years ago, starting with Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong. The two greatest cornet players of jazz ever and friends...one white, one black. Destined to never play together in public, but only in secret jam sessions after the clubs had closed to a privileged few. Sometimes with this music playing, the right reading material (preferably with your Gatsby within reach), maybe throw in a Hitchcock silent, and you can pull a "somewhere in time" a la Christopher Reeve. But this activity can become somewhat addictive, so consider it only in moderation. Anyway...thank you for your kind words. Should you ever tire of that particular mix, I would not hesitate to send along a new one. Your humble mixer.


Assuming your Howard from Australia... I received your "Anthem" mixtape and I absolutely love it! "Black Cab" is my favorite song right now. You're right about that song "Opus 40." When I listened to it, it conveyed images of the Grand Canyon and all the places in America I have never even visited myself. Thanks!


True that..orange juice+new pornographers would be tasty...yay vonnegut...


um, this is a little random but i was wondering if by "so it goes" you were referring to Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut? (love that book...)


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