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my manx is my valentine.

About Me

gallivant'n 'round the volcano

Favorite Songs

mt. st. helens [mirah] i guess i'll forget the sound, i guess i guess [bodies of water]

Favorite Artists

bodies of water, neutral milk hotel, the blow, mates of state, thanksgiving, architecture in helsinki, mt. eerie/microphones, shapes and sizes, the gossip, clap your hands say yeah, iron and wine, early modest mouse, and on and on and on..

Favorite Albums

our constant concern [mates of state], nothing [thanksgiving], advisory committee, joyride: remixes [mirah], in the aeroplane over the sea, on avery island [neutral milk hotel], picaresque [the decemberists], this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about [modest mouse], bonus album, paper television [the blow], homogenic [bjork]

Recent Concerts

sasquatch festival [may 2008 - the gorge, wa], sasquatch festival [may 2007 - the gorge, wa], viva voce / caves [january 2007 - portland, or], the helio sequence / the snuggle ups [november 2006 - portland, or], architecture in helsinki / clap your hands say yeah [october 2006 - portland, or], the snuggle ups [as often as possible, always! - portland, or], sasquatch festival [may 2006 - the gorge, wa]


Currently there are no blogs published.



An assortment of songs/artists I've stumbled upon over the past few months, with a few goodies slipped in the cracks.


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Ai yo! your october mis is well underway. ready yourself!


Hey Lydia - I'm your October sender. I am in the middle of renovating / moving / selling houses and everythign is in boxes - I am a bit behind with my mixing but I will be with you soon. I hope it will be worth the wait! MxBx


Hey! This is my first assignment I'm doing. :) I'm so excited. I'll be sending it in the mail tomorrow.


Hey Lydia, did you get the mix I mailed yet? Let me know when you do.. funny how noone ever says anything.


hey sorry for the delay on your mix, it was just mailed on the last day of may (it's been a really busy month) so it's en route to you.


hey you like a lot of good music. want to trade mixes?


wrong lydia! sorry!


your mix = in the mail tomorrow morning. Sorry so late! I was putzing around with the art.


Got your cd-Been listening to it all weekend. You're right about Mt. St.Helen's-Thanks for an outstanding mix!


My very first pet was a manx kitty cat named Inky Maya. She had a brother named Smokey.


A beautiful flying V, Lydia. How were Architecture... live?