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The real reason this mix is late...

Ultimate Dance Party 2007

Dance Them Pants Clean Off!


A variety/best of/personal favorites collection of MF Doom tracks.

Happy Birthday To Me / Hell Yes

A 2 disc sampler of my favorite music. In honor of me, on my birthday. GO ME!

Run That Go-Power Thang

Step 2: ???

Songs + Definitions

18 + 2


Polite Dance Songs





Discovery 2007

Artists that I had never heard of before this year.

Mansion Maniacs

Music "inspired" by the classic game, Maniac Mansion.

I Love Trouble

An Imaginary Soundtrack

Beauty And Crime

A little from column A, a little from column B...

(That Thing)

OR: Why Do I Feel So Lucky?

Throwback '07

NOW vs THEN! The winner....

Music To Listen To...

Whilst Reading, Cycling, Swimming, or (mainly) Parachuting.

Shopping List

A mix of songs from CD's I've recently purchased.


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Dang it's already December...Nov Mix is made today and on its way (weather permitting) tomorrow.


definitely fun mix. can appreciate the blow into ghostface into radiohead. fav track was prinzhorn dance school "crackerjack docker." many thanks.

The Ealing Collective

Ah Christmas! Everyones at Christmas Meals and Christmas Parties galore!! It means, as is becoming a bit of a tradition we haven't all been in the same place at the same time for the mix this month so it'll be a little delayed. We'll get on it before NYE and hopefully you'll get it in January. Hope you can hold out that long!!


Hi Craig, just wanted to let you know your mix is in the mail. Sorry it took me a little while to get it out this month. I'd love to hear your thoughts once you get it, please drop me line! Thanks, Abby


Thanks for all the swell stuff you said about the “train” mix--I really appreciate it! The recycled cd cases are available through this website: http://www.sustainablegroup.net/resleeve.html. Aloha!


Hallo! Ok, so here's the deal. I got the wonderful mix last time you sent. I thought I had marked that I'd received it, but maybe I didn't. But I definitely didn't mark it as "not received." BUT maybe I got my months confused. I AM SO SORRY. I will mail it back to you ASAP. I just got it in the mail today. So, yep, you aren't crazy- you sent it and the USPS did their job. AND the mix was fantastic! Thank you so much! The cover art was also nice! Anyway, my apologies for your having to make a second mix!


Thanks for the great mix! :)


\thank you for the kind words. glad the 'extras' didn't freak you out too much. Sometimes I send a few things that I have gotten plenty of use out of, and need to pass on. I was looking through your mix CDs and notice Rahzel. As in: the human beatbox. Have you heard his work with bjork? The song Who Is It is one of my favorites. Be well. (we'll have to do a side trade sometime.)


I sent your mix CD out last weekend. I hope recieved it. It came with a book entitled "Bad Hair." Enjoy - Andy


That's too bad you already had half the songs I sent; that's too much. Hope you liked the rest. And thank you for yours. It was a good mix. I've been listening to for a while now. Thanks again.


Yikes. I just realized that one of the songs (track 17) on the disc I just mailed you is faulty. Sorry. That'll teach me to listen to the whole song before I burn it to disc; not just the first minute of so. The rest of the tunes are okay. Again. Sorry.


All Righty then.... my new email is david.haw@sympatico.ca. Contact me there and we can exchange mailing addresses.


Hey, Craig My apologies - but it is I who's worming an August compilation to your door from downtown Sydney. Thing is - it's leaving the country tomorrow, and will be a tad late (as it is already). I apologize in advance... yet hopefully the disc itself will soon bring a smile to your dial. Chris


The mixes you've got posted look interesting. I'm up for pretty much anything except jazz and new country stuff (give me old torch and twang anytime). And I've recently got my dancing freak on....so feel free to mix whatever you'd like. I've just moved and still need to learn my complete address and set up an email account; so let me get that to you in the next few days and we can share contact info. Looking forward to this man....


Craig: Would you be up for a side trade?


Lovely mix. Thanks! Big fan of Aesop Rock, so MF Doom is relevant.


A really random comment but I love the video game your picture is from. It was for Nintendo, right? I forgot the name of it.


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