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The Ealing Collective

Thanks for November 09 (night) - nice to get something a little more different, especially good to see someone else with a taste for early Vitalic - very under-rated!!! Had this on a few times now when members of the Collective round my house and it's already becoming popular. All the best Ealing Collective Rich


nice hip hop mix, any chance of getting a track list?


Hey John, Your December mix is in the mail. Happy New Year! Corina


You're very welcome. :) I'm glad you liked it, but I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell off!


Hey John, just finishing up the May Mix - sorry, was having computer problems! Will be in the mail shortly! :)


Hi John, April mix is in the mail. Sorry for the delay.


sorry, this msg below was meant for my Feb person, not you....


sorry, i'm superlate with your feb mix. will be posted tomorrow- hopefully worth the wait.....enjoy.


loved your cd..... and mixed, too! liked it so much i sent you one back as a side deal....


Gaw Damned funny shirt yer wearing there John. That's a good one!


Definately up for Aphex mix tape. I'll start looking into it, but it could take a bit of time. If you would like to put one together as well that would be cool. There's no rush.


Unfortunately the two mixes that I have posted on the website are not mixed. To date I have probably produced about 5 mixed CD's and rest are regular. I am in the middle of putting together 2 mixed CD's at the moment but it seems to be taking forever to get the running order correct. I'll try and remeber to place the artwork and track details on the web site once they are complete.


John Received your mix CD yesterday and listened to it last night. Must admit very impressed. One reason for the instant listen was seeing the Lord of Electronica Aphex Twin as the opening track as well as NIN a bit further down the order. In addition these two obvious gems the rest of the mix worked really well. I do try (when I have the time) to mix my CD's as much as possible and it was nice to receive a compilation which had also been mixed together. You obviously understand that track selection and sequence is key and in you case it was spot on. I guess that for your Wedding wanted to do a good job! Thanks again, keep up the good work.


Your April mix has been sent and hope you enjoy it.


She's passed on pal. I can easily put some of her ashes in a beanie and away I go.


I can juggle my mom. Can you?