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About Me

DC United, Arsenal FC supporter who knows that keeping an open mind and open ears is the best mental health maintenance. After formative years spent at a US Air Force Base in East Anglia, now a resident of the Washington DC area for over 30 years.

Favorite Songs

Every song has to measure up to these 4 performances. 1. A performance of The Weight by Robbie Robinson, Mavis Staples, The Nevilles, and The Wild Tchoupatoulas on SNL. 2. A performance of Concrete Jungle by the Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer era line up of the Wailers on the Old Grey Whistle Test. 3. A performance of Loftholdingswood by Microdisney and a lethal Cathal Coughlan on the Old Grey Whistle Test. 4. '81 or 82, at the Pier. Spanish Bombs by the Clash. The openers were Kurtis Blow and Black Uhuru who were both booed and pelted with debris during their sets. Strummer and Jones stormed onto the stage and ripped the audience a new one for their disrespect.

Favorite Artists

Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, Kate Bush, Microdisney, Willie Nelson, Sparks, The Clash, The Specials, Arcade Fire, Tracey Thorn, Ron Sexsmith

Favorite Albums

Autobahn and Man Machine-Kraftwerk, Funeral-Arcade Fire, The Everything But The Girl Record, Sao Paolo Confessions-Suba, The Best of Roxy Music, Big Sleeping House-Microdisney, Mezzanine-Massive Attack, Oil On Canvas-Japan, Powerage-AC/DC, Scary Monsters-Bowie, Hurt-Chris Spedding, Soul Mining-The The

Recent Concerts

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, Olivia Mancini, Shuggie Otis, Bill Callahan, Robert Glasper Experience, Kraftwerk, NIA, Strypes, Los Lobos, Killing Daylights, Charles Bradley, YES, WAR, English Beat, Squeeze, Adam Ant, Hayes Carll


Steve is shipping...

2010-08-21 13:11:45


2008-09-16 05:15:10


2008-01-01 15:39:49


Good Humor

Little blasts of pop from the 1960s

Missed It By That Much '16

What I missed last year.

By Firefly's Light

I spent a night at a friend's in Southern Maryland and after nightfall, there were thousands and thousands of fireflies. It looked like fireworks there were so many. I turned off the light in the bedroom while watching them, compiled this mix of songs.

Greatest (of 2016)

Here's what did it for me in 2016 2016.


Inspired by that moment I first heard Kraftwerk's "Spacelab" through the bands that employ that 4/4 drumbeat signature.

Taximan Avec Voiture

My tour through Africa, starting in Ethiopia, veering off through the Sahel and Mali, then down through Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin, before jumping down to Angola and South Africa and Zambia before finishing off with a Pan-African band of African ex-pats and exiles who recorded in post- colonial London

Greatest '15

Here's a list of what did it for me in 2015


Cruising altitude, calm attitude, friendly skies.

Please Do Not Touch Records

A tribute to Amanda Petrusich's epic book "Do Not Sell At Any Price" about the weird and insular world of 78rpm record collectors. Buy it.


Let Me Show You My Boat

A collection of songs from Wes Anderson films and some more that might feature in future films


The Greatest (of 2014)

Here's what did it for me in 2014


It's not about you anymore

Because, well, the title says it all.

A Heart That Hurts, Is A Heart That Works

Inspired by watching 20 feet from Stardom, this is my list of the great women of soul from the 60's through the 70s'


The Greatest (of 2013)

I went with what I heard in 2013 that did it for me.

Get off my lawn

The Greatest (of 2012)

Here's a list of what did it for me in 2012



New and new to me in 2012

gooner71 ---> NYC on Fire

I just finished reading Will Hermes' sprawling book "Love Goes To Buildings On Fire" about the New York music scene from '73-78 and really enjoyed how he used a timeline to explore how the different punk, experimental, neo-classical, salsa, and rap scenes all came together at the same time. Here are a few of the artists he threads through his book. Listen and then go get the book.

Greatest (of '11)

These were the songs that did it for me this year.

Night Cap

Are you sure you won't stay for a night cap? Because baby, it's cold outside. Brrrrrr.



Now, get out there and fight some crime


My Iron Shirt

Reggae and Dub tough enough to chase the devil from this earth

Collect Call from El Santo

Take it! It's Cinco de Mayo.


DC's other label, the one that's been keeping it foolish and that's still going strong. Here are songs from the past and the now.


The women.

Scots Toffee

Pat Nevin is a former Scottish footballer who has impeccable Brit-pop taste. Here's a set list from a DJ gig he recently did

Wind Up Me Waist

Irresistible reggae rhythms from the 60's and early 70's


Inspired by British and American caper movies.


More rare soul


Lots of late-night summer driving to do this year. This list of chill-out propulsive beats propels me down the freeways.

Measured Response

A slow and full emotional burn


What is probably a throwaway line in the New Pornographers's song Myriad Harbor about American music sounding fun inspired this mix of songs that I think are fun (and good) music.

A Great Day In Harlem

Art Kane’s 1959 photo of so many jazz giants in one place at one moment in time has always been a favorite of mine. Just look at the smile on the faces of these people. Their expressions reveal that this moment is special and that opportunities like this one are ephemeral; they had lost Charlie Parker by then, and were facing the loss of Billie Holiday and Lester Young in short order. All of the artists in this mix are pictured here. A full listing of the artists in this photo can be found on this great website -- www.harlem.org


Quiet Weighs A Ton

A quiet, apprehensive, hopeful mix of songs 30 days away from November 5, 2008.

Cosmopolitan Living

Wigan Casino

A Northern Soul mix of songs played in the legendary Wigan Disco and danced to by devotees of pre-Funk Soul Music

9 Months Of Darkness...

Nothing particularly dark here. I found a tape I made for a friend 20 years ago when he moved to Northern Sweden. The name of this mix was originally, "9 Months Of Darkness With Nothing But Dried Fish To Eat."


I saw "Step Into Liquid" again and was inspired to make a mix of surf music.


some of my favorite "world" music

Andy's Records

In East Anglia in the 70's the only fresh music to be found was at the crowded little shop with the eccentric filing system in Bury St. Edmunds or at the market stall in Cambridge center. Andy's Records was a home away from home for me and I spent a small fortune there over the years. This mix celebrates the artists and songs I discovered there.

Bleedin' England

I found a cassette mix that I made during the Thatcher years. This list is a personal time capsule from those dark days.


Rough Day At The Office

Lost In Time Cafe

Faaa-arrd Haarch!

A Medium-High Energy Ska-Mix


"My Mix Was Just Too Awesome..."

I went with what I heard in 2006 that did it for me.

Your Majesty


An experienced pair of hands between the sticks, 2 assassins at the back flanked by 2 more that can't be arsed to defend, 4 flashy types in the middle of the park, 2 phenomena up front with 4 ready to fill in for anyone not up for it.

71 Is My Number

I tried to concentrate on harmonies and sweet voices in this mix of early 60's to early 70's Jamaican and London-based Reggae.

High And Just Plain Lonesome Vol I


Cowboys and Western Swingers

Film Noir

Bacall: "You forgot one thing...me." Bogie--"What's wrong with you?" Bacall--"Nothing you can't fix."



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Thanks, Steve, for the nice words. Glad you dug the Geo Jones mix. Cheers


I really enjoyed your January Mix. Especially tracks 4-14. Thank YOU! :)


Having fun with your Streaky mix. Thanks!


Beautiful mix Steve.Will say more soon.Thank you


Steve, The good folks of 'Anster' are pleased that you appreciated their gesture and are considering whether to send you a CD of them singing local songs or possibly coming over to Alexandria to sing outside your house. The melting down of the gold lined box met with mixed feelings. Some thought it was sacrilege, but others thought that we have to move with the times and that your grill would be very eye-catching. Cheers, Danny


Hey Steve, That was quick! Your 'Fist-Bump' is the real deal. It has grabbed me by the lapels and it won't let go! Hopefully my mix will arrive soon. It may not grab you by the lapels, it is more of a 'shake your tackety boots' job! Cheers, Danny


Good to hear from you Steve. Can't wait to hear Fist-bump and sharing some sounds with you. Cheers, Danny


Hi Steve, your Fist-bump mix looks excellent. Would you be up for a side trade? I'm a new kid on the block here and I'd be happy to make you a mix you'd hopefully like or you may have something in mind. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Danny


Arrived this morning! thanks! What an awesome mix. Almost definitely my favourite in 5 glorious IMP years!


Yep! As I expected - a great mix with a real varied selection of music! Thanks!


Hey Steve. I look forward to receiving your package in my box(!) if it's anything like the previous mixes that I've had from you, it will be a treat!


Uh-oh, Steve. I guess I got your mix so early that it confused me (not hard to do.) I hope you haven't sent another one out. If so, I owe you one (or two.) My apologies & thanks for the kick-back regga tracks.


So glad you are enjoying the CD. Grimes and Crystal Castles are currently at the top of my list - so glad you are liking them. You should try AUSTRA -- she is similar in some ways to them... I hope you are liking some of the other artists too! Best, Andy


I am sending your mix within the next few days -- keep an eye out for it... In looking at your music list, I tried to include stuff that you may not have heard before.. Enjoy - andy


Hi Steve, you got a kinda '2011 - how it was for me' CD for Jan. On it's way to you from London (10th Jan). Hope you like it!


Another great mix! Thanks so much


8/1: I just sent your July CD today from about 3 zip codes away. I hope you are OK with Beck b/c it's all songs produced, mixed, written or performed by Beck. I tried to vary it up a lot so it's nothing like a Beck's greatest hits. I hope you enjoy it. -- James


Thanks for the mix! I've really enjoyed it!


slumberland mix ruled! thanks dude


Hi Steve. Just now setting up my profile, but just sending a note to let you know I received your Circe mixtape from February and loved it. Thanks!


The Greatest mix is awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks a ton.


Hey Steve, a hugely belated thank-you for the replacement mix you sent me. It's a lovely mix of a few favourites and lots of new stuff. It's hardly left my car CD player since it arrived and it will be the perfect (Australian) summer CD - if we ever get any proper summer weather this year. Thanks again!


received the replacement mix today. Thanks a bunch. I'll listen to it tonight most likely. Cheers.


Hi Steve, Oct mix heading your way from Down Under.


Hey Steve! Your Sept. mix will be moseying your way soon. I see you fancy both Kraftwerk and Willie Nelson - that is awesome.


Damn it man, I'm sorry I don't check this website more often. In answer to your query, the Godfather is remixed on an awesome album called "Verve // remixed 4". That whole record is dope as BoB. Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Roy Ayers all done up with the remix treatment. Take care Steve!


Hi Steve, it's me again. I'd really like to get copies of your 'Fist Bump' and 'Wind Up Me Waist' mixes - so I'm hoping the offer of a side-trade will interest you? Send me your address to mrtgb5@aol.com and let's make it happen! Cheers *M


Hey! I'm not sure why it's taken so long to say thanks for the cosmopolitan living cd that you sent me months and months back (as a replacement to some slackers tardiness) .. but here it finally is! HUGE thanks! It's a great mix featuring some of my favourite artists. I hadn't heard 'trying times' before, so thanks for opening my ears to such a great track. Thankfully CDs don't get worn out from overplaying otherwise that track would be burned through to the other side by now!


Thanks for the great mix! I still need time to digest and then can give more input. Angela


Thanks for the mix in January! I particularly liked the cut by The Decembrists... Best wishes, Lauren


Steve, you're funny! thanks for your comments! I knew when I saw your preferences we were on the same page, so - easy. Angie


Great mix. It's made quite a few rotations in the car now, and I've only enjoyed more with each listen. My ears thank you.


Hi Steve. I got yr June mix - or it might have been a replacement for May - and you sent me a replacement mix before I think. All awesome! Great to hear someone making soem real effort and striking out into interesting territories. i feel like I should have sent you soemthing back to say thanks by now. MxBx


Thanks so much for being my replacement mixer. Your summer mix is terrific, not the music that I would normally listen to although I do really enjoy some good soul music. Love it!!!


Did I ever tell you how much I liked my replacement mix (71 Is My Number). I love that kind of old reggae. It was so great! Thanks so much!


Steve: Thanks for stepping in as the IMP affiliate & sending me a replacement mix. It's super stuff & I've been enjoying it all afternoon! :Ashley


Steve... oh, Steve. I tried to answer your email and it bounced back to me twice. So here goes... yes you sent me Film Noir, it has a semi permanent place in my 6 disc changer. Cool as ice Daddy-O.


I'm glad that you like it! Also, thanks for the reference regarding the book.


Thanks for the disc Steve, I'm liking the format and tunes


glad you are enjoying the mix (and the blog) :)


Very clever mix. My compliments.


glad to hear it man! I'll keep my ears and eyes up for that Orlann Divo, and if nothing turns up, I'll drop you a line! Thanks a bunch! Joe


Thanks for the comment, Steve. I've been a fan of Tracey's since I heard her cover The Paris Match with the Style Council. She is effortlessly cool. Now, about this Beckham guy you folks have sent over...


steve! i'm sooooo glad you received and enjoyed the mix. i wanted to make a tape for you but i ran out of time. i will indeed check out the chennai music fest while i'm here. thanks for the tip! aimee


i truly dig and respect the Film Noir mix. Huge fan of that genre - Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, etc. Great lines, great actors.


cheers for comment mate, ive not heard of the heather ale but gonna try and track some down, sounds real interesting. nice to know someone in usa is drinking tradititonal pictish brew, keep up the good work man. all the best, steve.


Hey man! Yeah, I'd love to send you the Os Mutantes mix, 'twould be my pleasure. I'll send you my address. As for which one of your mixtapes looks good to me, the Ska and Reggae ones look great. I'd say the Selecao one also, but I already know most of that music so, what's the point? Anyways, it really doesn't matter all the much to me...surprise me! Thanks man, Joe


Steve - I saw your Kiss the Cook mix on the Frontpage and then checked out your other mixes - they are awe inspiring. I love your music and you are very creative. Any chance you would be interested in a side-swap? My mixes are not very creative, but I think you might like my Fish Fry mix. If you are game, e-mail me and we can swap addresses.


Hey Steve! Happy to hear that the mix showed up safe and sound. Glad you like it!


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