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May 2008

Pretty sure this is what I sent out this month.

Songs From Friends and Strangers

This is the first IMP mix I've made using some songs I got from other IMP mixes. Awesome. Also, LOTS of songs from old boyfriends. Not so awesome.


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Hi Amanda, thank you so much for my September mix - it really is an outstanding collection. I'm enjoying every track, and there's loads I haven't come across before.


Amanda- Dropped you March mix in the mail yesterday. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy it!


WoW Amanda, thank you so much for the female musik energy. Very lovely and soothing. I had never heard Adele before and am wowed by her powerful voice. Take care!


Gar Amanda, slagging on December, please excuse my rude behavior December is a wash on all fronts.. soon to mail. Wish you had more personal info up so I could know where to guide this musical ship. It's only my second mix and i know I should just follow my heart but there are so many different dimensions of good music in the world and bad for that matter.


Hi Amanda, did you receive the October '09 mix from me? -Andrea


Thanks for the August mix. It's really great. I started listening to Frightened Rabbit because of it.


No problem! I'm looking forward to it.


aww, thanks! so glad to hear it made it to you ok.


Thanks for the excellent April mix. I've been playing it constantly for the past several days. Bottom Of The Hudson's song is fantastic.


Amanda, your March mix is on the way - sent from the UK yesterday. Sorry its late, and hope there's something on it that you enjoy.


December is on the way.


August IMP mix on its way to New Orleans as of today... enjoy the holiday weekend!

Jenny B

Hi Amanda, you were my person for March 2007. Did you receive my mix? Thanks, Jenny B.


Ditto on the comment below. Hope my mixtape found you in New Orleans...


Hi Amanda - I sent you out a mixtape but the address I was given was in New York .. did you manage to get it at all?