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About Me

Favorite Songs

**five string serenade**talking shit about a pretty sunset**hello,tomorrow**banquet**hooded* * Y Control**birds**notorious thugs**Big Ole Words**crazy**shadowboxer**rebel girl**blue moon**is this love**the calendar hung itself...**casting agents and cowgirls**warning sign**sweet jane**just like heaven**Hip Hop RBG**what sarah said**mutual slump**cleva**searching for the ghost**big pimpin**when you were young**FYR**Thank You**You Still Believe in Me**Socialize**Come As You Are**Fuck the Pain Away**Hey**Brass In Pocket**Like Spinning Plates**Violence is Golden**Cry Like an Angel**William, It was REally Nothing**Gin and Juice**Once In a Lifetime**Poppin My Collar**Hoist that rag**Fast Car**Fell In Love WIth a Girl**

Favorite Artists

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

The Gossip ** Peaches ** Octopus Project **


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2Fer ShuFFle

an itunes shuffle

Take Off Your Cool

A bluesy vocal picnic

Drivin' Til The Sun Sets...

by myself

AuRa's SouNDtrAck

it ain't all black


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I see you have a foot tattoo...I have one as well. I agree w/ Douglas, I think your mixes look delicious. Good show! Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to be graced with one of yours in my mailbox someday.


Cool! here's my email: doug.winter(at) You can go to my myspace page and see the video I shot of NoMeansNo the night I saw them. Check my blog for the link.


I like your mixes. Wanna trade?