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"Ima Smack a Ho"

About Me

Favorite Songs

What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

Caitlin- The Vitamen

Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Eyes- Rogue Wave

Strange Desire- The Black Keys

Brand New Colony- The Postal Service

Girl, You Have no Faith in Medicine- The White Stripes

Favorite Artists

Asobi Seksu, Matisyahu, The Shins, THE BLACK KEYS, Death Cab for Cutie, The Raconteurs, Beck, Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon, Bob Marley, the three "Ills"- the Stills, Kills and Thrills, Panic! at the Disco, Ben Lee, Stars, The Kinks, The Postal Service, We Are Scientists, The Bravery, Phantom Planet, Snow Patrol, Adam Green, No Doubt, The White Stripes, Brand New, The Strokes, The Raveonettes, Franz Ferdinand, Ben Lee, The Dandy Warhols, Modest Mouse, Ben Kweller, The Beatles, Blondie, Jimmy Eat World, The Hives, The Flaming Lips, Cake, Coldplay, Interpol, Blink 182, Neutral Milk Hotel, Tarkio

Favorite Albums

The Black Keys- Magic Potion

Bloc Party- Silent Alarm

Brand New- Deja Entendu

The Postal Service- Give Up

The Shins- all of 'em

The White Stripes- Elephant

The Beatles- Revolver

Yann Tiersen- Amelie

The Wicker Park Soundtrack

Recent Concerts

The lead singer of the Cranberries! In Sevilla! Random!


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Vintage + Travels

One of my favorite mixes that I've made- each song makes me think of a different place or time- and hopefully you do too


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I am officially making myself a copy of Vintage and Travels. It's amazing. Thought you should know


Ahh! I kinda sent your mix to Seville!


Dig! is a must see, it's funny and sad and amazing.It's like hanging out with some friends who you miss when they're gone.Seeing all the music industry machinations is odd + makes IMP all the more loveable. What's the best music film you've seen? Are DandyWarhols still going? Have Fun, Jon*


Just watched the film 'Dig!' about the Dandy Warhols and Brianjonestownmassacre have you seen it? Jon*


Did you get the February mix tape? I sent it a long time ago.


Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick txt. I got your mix last week and it was in heavy rotation this past weekend road trip. Thanks for the solid mix! Cheers. PS: I would've sent you an email sooner but I couldn't decipher your eccentrically handwriting.


I'm forming the Legion of Doom II. Care to join? What are your super powers?